4 Things to Remember When Creating a Beautiful Entrance To Your Home

by Sarah Ruhlman
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We spend so much time making the rooms in our home look beautiful, and even the gardens too. But one area that can get overlooked is the entrance/ hallway. While it’s only a small space, this is the first thing that your guests (and you!) see when you enter your home, so it should be as much of a feature as everywhere else.

Front Door

Your front door makes a dramatic impact on how your home looks from the outside. If yours is a little worse for wear but still functions well, you could consider renovating it. If it’s wooden, sanding and painting it a fresh new color can make all the difference. If it’s a plastic and PVC style door, there’s not much you can do so a replacement will be needed. Not only will a new door give you better security but it will also look a lot smarter too. Choosing a front door with a window panel in, even a small one can massively brighten up your hallway too.



With people and pets in and out of the home with muddy feet, you need hardwearing and easy to clean flooring in the hallway. Wooden floors are one option, sites like http://www.pcwoodfloors.com/locations/brooklyn/ have a variety to choose from so you can go with whatever works best with your decor. Avoid carpets in the hall, they will quickly get muddy and look shabby, bringing down the look of the space. You might be fine with taking your shoes off when you come in, but if for example, you have workmen in it’s a bit awkward to ask them to remove their shoes! A hard wearing floor covering downstairs looks great and saves you a lot of hassle cleaning in the long run.


As most entryways are small and quite enclosed, putting a large mirror on the wall can really help to open up the space. They will reflect any light again making it look bigger, plus it’s useful for checking your appearance before you leave the house too.


In a small room like the hallway, you don’t want to go overboard on decor. A couple of key pieces will bring personality to the space without it looking cluttered or chaotic. You could hang some cute shabby chic key hooks on the wall to keep your keys on, or a piece of art. You could add a small table to one corner and display a vase of flowers. Outside the door, a welcome mat and some hanging baskets make the space look inviting. Keeping the area free of leaves and litter that blows through will also make everything look a lot nicer. Regarding colors, avoid anything that’s too dark since it will make everything look smaller and more enclosed

Have you spent much time on the hall or entrance to your home? Is it as inviting as you’d like it to be?

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