4 Tips For A Healthier You


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Optimum Nutrition as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I feel like I am always on the go and during the holiday season this feeling is amplified.  I always try my best, but sometimes I just feel like I am unable to prioritize my health and fitness in the best way possible.  Here are 4 tips to help you live a happy and healthy life (even during the busiest of seasons).

Drink Plenty Of Filtered Water

Drinking a few litters of water a day is one of the most important things for a healthy body. However as an added tip you should make sure your water is filtered. Tap water can be filled with things like fluoride and chlorine, which aren’t the best things to put into your body. Purer water will give you more energy and keep you healthier in the long run.

Move In A Way You Enjoy

Getting active is another crucial element to a healthy body. That being said, you should never force yourself to do exercise that you hate. You should move in a way you enjoy.   If you’re a runner, go run.  If yoga is your jam then take a few yoga classes.  Or maybe you just love chasing your kiddos around.  Whatever it might be have fun while you move.  Exercise can make you feel so much better inside and out. When you enjoy the exercise you’re doing, you won’t even realize that it’s good for you!

Nourish Your Body With What It Needs

Recently, I’ve added Optimum Nutrition to my diet and am so happy I found a way that I can snack healthy, anywhere, anytime!  I have struggled to find a good protein bar that provides me with everything my body needs to stay strong and healthy, especially during the winter season.  Optimum Nutrition offers a variety of delicious flavors including Chocolate Mint, Blueberry Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie, Cookies ‘N Crème, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cinnamon Pecan!

I have finally found a protein bar and amazing protein almonds that don’t taste like a standard protein you are use to, I actually feel like I am eating the flavor it says.  These are perfect because they provide me with the protein and nutrition my body needs to keep me feeling happy and healthy all year round. With the holiday season coming up, I am busier than ever. Working out has always been a priority of mine but I was always worried I wasn’t feeding my body with the nutrition it needs.

Optimum Nutrition bars provide my body with exactly what it needs, with 20 grams of protein per bar, 8-10 grams of Fiber and less than five grams of sugar! I always get so hungry after a good workout, and never seem to have healthy snack options that will fuel my body all day long. These delicious protein bars offers on-the-go support for muscle recovery in one tasty treat! Keeping me ready for my next workout.

Optimum Nutrition bars are at Walmart, so I don’t need to make a special trip to get ahold of them! I can pick them up along with my other groceries, which is so convenient! Optimum Nutrition is quick, easy, tasty and great for my body! After trying these taste treats, I’ll never have to worry about staying healthy while on-the-go. Pick up your very own Optimum Nutrition  products at your local Walmart, and get a head start on your New Year resolutions! Staying healthy has never been so easy with Optimum Nutrition. Once you tryOptimum Nutrition, you’ll never go back.

Pamper Yourself

Finally, pampering yourself will make you feel great. Not only is it a great way to reduce stress, it’s also good for your skin. Having a nice soak in the bath will relax you and make you feel good. Painting your toenails might not have a direct impact on your health, but it’ll make you feel great!

Remember, having a healthy body is about so much more than looking good. When our bodies are healthy, we automatically feel better. We’ll be in a better mood most of the time, feel vibrant and energetic, as well as able to enjoy happier lives! 

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