4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Fitness, health, beauty routine… You’d love to stick to a helpful program that looks after yourself. But you are forced to concede that you are too short on time to improve your lifestyle. Of course, if things were different, you would do this or that, but right now, you’ve got no time for yourself.

The truth is that each day has got 24 hours. Believe it or not, but that is plenty enough to do everything you need to do, including looking after yourself. Indeed, when it comes to making time for yourself, the issue isn’t the ticking clock. It’s the way you prepare to beat the clock that frees up more time in your busy schedule.

You have more time than you think

I don’t have time to eat healthy meals

Takeaways and processed meals often end up being the typical go-to meal during the week. But you tell yourself that as soon as you’ve got more time on your hands, you’ll start cooking something fresh and tasty. For now, you’ve got to stick to prepared meals because, ultimately, you don’t have enough time to plan, do your grocery shopping and prepare all ingredients. At least, that’s the theory of it. But you can just as easily subscribe to a meal kit such as Home Chef or Hello Fresh to receive everything you do and prepare deliciously healthy food in an instant – if you’re unsure where to start, Meal Kits Comparison provides a handy overview of the options available. The secret to eating healthily is to pick a time-saving solution that teaches you a few quick and simple recipes in an evening.

Styling my hair takes too long

As a rule of the thumb, women can spend on average 45 minutes styling their hair every morning. Needless to say, it’s a lot of time! As a result, short hairstyles and aggressive styling tips – excessive heat or products – are the typical go-to solution to get ready in the morning. Put down the hair straightener and turn your attention to haircare products instead. Keeping your hair nourished and detoxed can make a significant difference to your morning routine. Healthy hair needs no styling products.

I’m too busy for the gym

Going to the gym can take several hours of your day. But it doesn’t mean you can’t invest time in your fitness routine. You need an alternative. HIIT workouts at home give you not only a quick and practical approach to fitness, but they also keep you strong and healthy. You may not think you’ve got time to stay fit, but you’ll probably find 24 minutes in your day to exercise.

HIIT Training

I’ve got no time to relax

If you ever feel like you’re too stressed to do anything, it’s time to learn to relax. Relaxing, contrary to common belief, doesn’t mean booking an extended vacation abroad. All you need is a handful of minutes to relieve stress. A cup of green tea helps to alleviate anger, while dark chocolate regulates stress levels. Something as simple as brushing your hair – or any other repetitive motion – can induce relaxation in the body.

At the end of the day, the question is not how to free up time. The question you want to ask yourself is how can you prepare yourself to find the time you need to happy, healthy and fit.

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