4 Ways to Deal With A Chronic Illnesses

If you deal with any chronic illnesses or chronic pain then you’ll know that they can affect your life badly. Here are some tips on how to treat yourself kindly.

Take Care Of Yourself


It’s important to make sure that if you suffer from any chronic conditions, you take care of your health. Follow medical advice, but aside from that, it’s important to make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep – at least seven hours each night – and that you eat healthily. Your diet should include at least five helpings of fruits and vegetables each day, along with plenty of protein, good fats, and leafy greens. You should also remember that you shouldn’t cut anything out of your diet – everything is okay in moderation. You should also do your best to exercise gently. Walking or yoga can be great for people who are suffering from chronic conditions.

Talk To Healthcare Professionals

Make sure that you get plenty of advice from your doctor about how best to deal with your illness. Finding the best doctor who understands you and the way that you deal with your health is absolutely priceless – make sure that they listen to you and that they take your feelings into consideration, but also be aware that they are working on your behalf to help improve your health. Doctors who specialise in chronic conditions like Dr. Solomon Kamson can really help to improve your life. Remember that if your doctor gives you some advice, it’s usually in your best interests to take it!

Be Your Own Advocate


Although, as I said above, it’s important to listen to your doctor, it’s also important to do your own research and be your own advocate. Of course you shouldn’t believe everything you read on online forums but equally, it’s a good idea to understand the illnesses that you have and to understand how your treatment can improve your life. If you’re uncertain about how exactly to express yourself then it’s a good idea to write down lists of questions or points that you want to make before you go to see your doctor, so you know what exactly you’re planning on saying.

Watch Your Mental Health

If you suffer from chronic illnesses or chronic pain then it’s easy for them to affect your mental health. It’s hard to be constantly in pain or stressed out by whatever physical ailment is affecting you – if you have migraines that come on unpredictably then it’s hard to make plans, if you have IBS then you might be anxious about going to certain places because you’re worried about the bathroom situation, if you have arthritis then you might find it hard to be mobile and to get around. These things can have a bad effect on your mental health so it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a therapist. If you find yourself feeling low or tearful for an extended period of time then you should go to see your doctor – likewise, if you find yourself feeling strangely blank or not taking as much interest as you used to in the things you enjoy, you might be suffering from depression.


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