4 Ways To Give Back This Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of the year, especially when you have children. It’s such a joy to see them celebrate the holiday through their eyes and experience while they submerge themselves in the magic of Christmas and whether your admit it or not, you’ll embody your child-self once more. Having said this, I also think that with all the presents and joyful celebrations, we easily lose sight of the true meaning of this festive holiday.


We all love doing things for our children, however it’s really important that they understand that the season is more than just gifts, food and celebrations. Make this a perfect time to implement a child’s philanthropic mind-set while cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Within this list, you’ll understand what you can do during this festive holiday in regards to giving back to the community. Finding ways to practice kindness doesn’t have to be a major chore- kindness and love comes in many different shapes and sizes and it doesn’t take a lot in regards to giving back, even a number of different companies are doing their part to give back in this festive season, so maybe you should too, even if it’s just the once.

Volunteer at Food Kitchens

Being homeless is a terrible situation to be in any time of the year, but it can be particularly difficult at Christmas, there are several charities such as AMURT and The People’s Kitchen who provide hot meals and some warmth to people sleeping rough over the festive period. However, for this to happen, they need volunteers. So why don’t you do something productive before the year ends and make a change in people’s lives, believe me, a small percentage of help goes a long way.

Help the elderly

We have seen it in all the adverts – the younger generation helping out the elderly and trust me when I say they appreciate the help. Whether it’s your Nan, Aunt or just your neighbour, try offering a little help this Christmas by easing the strain off of them and help in facing the Christmas hordes surfacing in supermarkets for their shopping; something as simple as that can be worth a lot in some of the older generations’ lives.

Christmas Jumper Day

Something that can be fun and entertaining whilst at home and at the office, you can create a fun event that involves everyone whilst giving back to charity. For example, Ladbrokes created a Christmas selfie event where you have to take your best selfie whilst wearing the infamous Christmas jumper. So far the event has raised £120 and still has 10 days left. By working together as a community we can do a lot for the people less fortunate than others.   

Donate Money

Maybe you don’t want to get involved with the festive activities and you see yourself as a bit of a Grinch? Why don’t you do something really easy and donate an hours pay. It will do nothing to your bank balance and won’t force you to be festive. Simples!


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