4 Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home

There are more ways than one to make yourself feel pampered – and you don’t have to stop by a hair salon or spa to achieve it. Think about your home life instead and the things that make you happy within. For most of us, the best place we can be is snuggled up in our bedroom … but how much effort our we putting into one of our favorite rooms to give yourself the pampered lifestyle that we desire?



A change of bedding can make a big difference to your mood as well as a whole host of other things. It can lift a room, change the style of a room, even sometimes bring out features that weren’t noticeable before – especially if they bring out the color of them. Your choice of bedding can say a lot about you and reflect your personality. If you haven’t spruced up your duvet cover lately, take a look online for a good range, such as the Vaulia Home Selection, and give your bedroom some love. The great thing about them is that they’re extremely easy to change depending on your temperament, and you can mix and match as the seasons change for more of a homely and timely feel. It beats giving the whole room a redecorate!


The furnishings in your bedroom can make a huge difference in how you get yourself ready in the morning and ready for bed at night. If you have everything in there ready and available for you to use, this will obviously make things easier. There are so many space-saving options available at big furniture stores like IKEA, that you’ll find it hard not to be able to fit everything you need into your room – regardless of how small it may be. Hunt around on Pinterest and community forums for hack and tips on how to store necessities like makeup, jewelry and even your underwear so that you’re not spending time hunting about when you could be doing better things.


Mirrors, fairy lights, pictures, posters – anything is game in your bedroom.  While most people tend to go for a more relaxing theme, this is a place where few people will venture in your house unless you’re specifically taking them in there. You don’t have to please anybody but yourself. Be self-indulgent and surround yourself with the memories and things that you love and that make you happy.

Finishing Touches

A few books here and there for decoration, some succulents dotted around for easy-care houseplants, a framed picture of your favorite singer with the tickets from the gig you saw them at last popped in with it – the finishing touches are what makes your bedroom yours.

The definition of pampering is to indulge yourself with kindness and spoil yourself rotten, so go forth and do exactly that; if you have a bar of your favorite chocolate waiting for you on your bedside table every night for a snack to nod off, who’s there to judge?  

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