4 Ways to Improve Your Blog and Brand

by Sarah Ruhlman

Blogging has fast become a new career option for so many people. What might have started out as a hobby could now become your full time gig and that is incredible. It can give people so much more flexibility over their days and lives. However, some people are teetering on the edge, and often just a few tweaks here and there can increase your blogging presence and enable you to take on the world. So how do you do it? Here are a few simple tips to help you do just that.

Give your blog a new look

One of the first things to consider when it comes to your blog is to give it a new look and overhaul the theme. If you are hoping to monetise your blog and grow your audience then you may want to think about a new blogging theme. This is when looking online at wordpress blog themes or even investing in having someone design one for you could be worthwhile. Your blog is your portfolio, and your chance to make a big difference. So why not make sure that you do all that you can to make it look presentable and professional?

It is all about branding

Branding is key for any business, and your blog could become that for you, so you may want to take some time to ensure that your blog meets your brand and vice versa. This means things like the colour schemes that you use, the fonts, and the way you edit your content and the images you have. This isn’t just about your blog wither, it is across all your platforms. You need to ensure that things match up so they are recognisable.

Content is key

The content you share on your blog is very important, and if you want to increase your presence online and eventually turn your blog into your job, then you need to take the time to think about the content you share and how often that you do it. Sometimes quality over quantity is more the direction you want to take. Another great tip is to stick to a schedule. This can be a great way to ensure that you get all of the content out, but also that you keep up with fresh content for your blog.

Comment and engage with others

Finally, you as a blogger need to comment and engage on other people’s blogs. It is a great way to help with backlinks to your blog and to increase your domain authority, but it also shares the love and perhaps even encourages that person to check out your blog. The same can be said for social media. You want to ensure that you respond to comments on your own images and any direct messages that you get. But also actively doing that as well will encourage others to check out your pages. Try it for a few weeks and see the difference it could make for your blog?

Let’s hope these tips help to increase your blogging presence.

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