5 Best Donut Shops in Kansas City

Doughnuts were once a humble dessert filled with plain jam and vanilla custard.  However, in recent years the dessert has become increasingly sophisticated with elevated, more mature flavor combinations. The dessert even rivals the beloved cupcake with doughnut bars as the new “it” party idea on Pinterest.  Fortunately for us, Kansas City is in no shortage for delicious doughnuts.  Whether you’re craving a traditional glazed from your childhood or looking for something a bit more creative, these doughnut shops will fulfill your every doughnut desire.

Doughnut Lounge

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic doughnut like an old fashion or something a bit more out of the box like a double chocolate Nutella, s’more, or maple bacon, Doughnut Lounge is the place for you. Grab a coffee and a doughnut in the morning for breakfast, or indulge in a weekend brunch with one of their savory options and wash it all down with a cocktail.

website|4117 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64111|816.659.3688


I pass Donutology every day on my way to work and from halfway down the block I can smell the intoxicating aromas of baking pastries. The first time I passed it, I couldn’t just walk by.  I stopped in and was excited when I found a station to design my own doughnuts. Pick a cake, icing, toppings, and a drizzle and watch the mad scientists at Donutology create it right before your eyes.  Take my advice and eat it while it’s warm. Since discovering this doughnut lab, my Saturday morning routines are pretty consistent.  I wake up and jump out of bed excited to create a new flavor pairing that has its own distinct personality.

website|1009 Westport Rd., Kansas City, Missouri 64111|816.298.5222

LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee

The first LaMar’s Donuts opened in a converted gas station right here in Kansas City.  The original location would sell more than 11,000 homemade doughnuts a day.  The shop was known for its delicious doughnuts and its staff that never denied a special request.  Locals loved the fresh doughnuts and all the buzz about this tiny bakery caught the attention of many food critics.  “The ultimate indulgence.” “Purely heaven.” “Tender and airy.” “Sinfully good.” “Fit for kings.”  This is how the nation’s top restaurant critics describe LaMar’s and patrons can only echo the praise.  Today LaMar’s has become a franchise with over 20 locations across the Midwest.  Even with the expansion, the company still clings to its roots creating doughnuts that are simply superior.

website|3395 Main St., Kansas City, Missouri 64111|816.561.7176

Donut King

Donut King offers 44 different types of donuts that are all baked in house so you’re only getting the freshest gourmet pastries. Open 144 hours a week, you can satisfy your doughnut craving at just about any hours as the bakery operates from 5:00am to 11:00pm Sunday-Thursday and stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Not craving a doughnut or with a large group with various cravings?  Donut King offers cupcakes, turnovers, danishes, and cinnamon rolls to satiate any sweet tooth.

website|2320 Armour Rd., North Kansas City, MO 64116|816.472.1412

Johnny’s Donuts

If you believe burgers and doughnuts go together, you need to check out this undiscovered Kansas City treasure.  While the burgers, fries, onion rings, and other standard American fare are all good, the doughnuts are simply superb.  Light and airy, these doughnuts rival any gourmet doughnut shop.  Though there’s no place to dine in, you can enjoy these delicious treats at home or on the go.

website|4424 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Missouri 64130|816.921.5012

Check out these doughnut shops for some of the freshest, most creative doughnuts Kansas City has to offer. Don’t see your favorite on the list?  Let us know what we missed!  We’re always eager to try new places and eat delicious food!

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