5 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Celebrities Use

5 Bizarre treatments celebs swear by



Leech Therapy

This may be the most bizarre treatment of them all. Some celebrities are using these slimy creatures to detox their blood. When the blood has been detoxed, it leaves you skin having a stunning youthful glow. Demi Moore has been using this treatment for her skin for years.



Fish Pedicure

In 2013 Kim Kardashian was just one of many celebrities that received a fish pedicure. The pedicure consist of placing your feet into a small tank filled with cute little fish that nibble at your toes removing all the dead skin cells.


Preparation H

Jennifer Aniston amongst others use preparation H on a regular basis. They claim the cream when used underneath the eyes will give them lift and makes them look more awake. The cream has also been known to lighten the area just a bit.


Human Placenta

Madonna and Eva Longoria have apparently been using this on their faces to keep that baby face glow. Placenta is filled with protein, amino acids and natural antioxidants. This treatment will help repair the tissue growth.


Vampire facials

Kim Kardashian last year spent $1500 on her vampire facial. This 45 minute facial requires removal of your own blood and then the plasma is then combined with Restylane or Juvederm and reused to fill in fine lines and acne scars.

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