5 Bold Trends to Try This Summer

Tan skin is the perfect accessory to any bold, new style. This is why summer is the perfect time to be brave and set a new trend. Shop somewhere new, wear a big, floppy hat, forget the mad-hatter jokes your friends may make, and go crazy! Be-YOU-tiful.


Sun Hats: You don’t have to be at the beach to sport a sun hat. The bigger and floppier the better. Not only is a sun hat a great compliment to any sundress, bikini, or crop top you may wear this summer, it’s also functional. A sun hat will protect your eyes and skin from the sun, too.

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Overall Shorts: Overalls aren’t just for the farm. Other than looking totally adorable, this look’s number one perk is in it’s simplicity. Overslept after a long night on the beach or at a bon fire? Pull up your straps and be dressed and ready to go in seconds.


Printed Shorts: Bold prints are the perfect match to a bold personality. Printed shorts make a statement. They say, “Hey guys! Here I am. Aren’t I fabulous?” And, of course, the answer is yes.

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Cowgirl Boots: “How ’bout them cowgirls?” There’s a reason the King of Country, George Strait, loves his cowgirls. They know how to accessorize, of course! Boots go with shorts, dresses, jeans, and skirts. They give outfits a relaxed, girl-next-door look, and if you’re dancing with a cute cowboy, they’ll protect your feet in case he’s better on a horse than on the dance-floor.


Fedoras: From Humphrey Bogart to Hilary Duff, fedoras are timeless and give every fashionista/Casablancan the edge they need to turn every head in any room. Trust me, this could be the start of a beautiful summer trend.

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