5 Celebrities Who Don’t Use Twitter

It’s hard to believe that in this defining era of social media, some celebrities aren’t on Twitter. It’s even harder to imagine a life without Twitter as we’re constantly amused by celebrity feuds, exclusive news stories and celebrities who seem to have lost the plot that we forget that some people in the public eye feel the need to stay off Twitter. Below are 5 celebrities and their reasoning for not joining the Twitter bandwagon.

The Olsen twins are anxious about becoming Twitter users

1) They’ve been in the limelight since they were babies, so it’s no surprise that Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have chosen to stay away from Twitter! Ashley reported ‘anxiety issues’ over having such a public account, where as Mary-Kate mentioned Twitter would go against everything they have done in trying to keep their private lives out of the public.

2) Funny women Tina Fey gave a searingly honest account of what she thinks of Twitter users, claiming they’re boring and once 30 Rock is over, she should be the person who decides whether someone can have a Twitter license or not. I hope I pass the test!

3) She’s the movie star on everyone’s lips, Jennifer Lawrence and she’s so incredibly busy that I would be shocked if she sat down and had time to tell us what she had to eat that day!

George Clooney prefers to keep his private life, private

4) Mila Kunis has also discussed her fear on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson about becoming a Twitter user. She seems hesitant to attract on-line attention and explained that frankly she wouldn’t even know what to tweet about!

5) It would be great to get an insight into George Clooney’s dating life but unfortunately that will not be possible. The silver haired hunk doesn’t understand why celebrities would want to make their lives even more accessible. Being a celebrity is hard- I hear you!




Picture sources, Huffington Post, Ace Showbiz

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