5 Chick Flick Characters We Can All Relate To

As you go through this crazy, mixed up thing called life, you’ll play a variety of roles. To some, you’re the crazy ex-girlfriend, passed out in the bushes by their bedroom window on numerous occasions, while, to others, you’re the perfect, polite, gorgeous debutante that every parent and Channing Tatum look-alike wishes for. To some, you’re just that hungover waitress who messed up their cheese fries.

Whoever you are today, you’re definitely not alone. Almost every girl has been there at some point. Even your mom. Even the characters in your favorite chick flicks.  And even Molly Ringwald.

Here are 5 chick flicks characters you’ve more than likely been cast as at some point in the drama-filled movie that is your life:

Gertrude – The Proposal

The ex-girlfriend. Chances are, you’re probably somebody’s ex. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Not only was Gertrude more likable than Ryan Renolds’ new girlfriend, she was also prettier. And smarter. And more down-to-earth. And funnier. And more understanding. And probably made better peanut butter cookies than that wanna-be newb, Sandra Bullock. Like Gertrude, you are clearly just the ever-fabulous ex and a complete catch compared to his dreary, incomparable next.

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying Sandra Bullock isn’t awesome. She is. But, I’m sure your ex’s new girlfriends isn’t awesome. Definitely not Sandra Bullock awesome.)


Tripp – Failure to Launch

The money, food, and unconditional love mooching live-in. Even if it’s just for the summer before college, living in your parents house can make you feel a little guilty and Tripp-like . . . especially if you let your parents do your laundry/wait on you hand and foot. You may be feeling a little bit like a failure, living off your parents’ dime. You may wish that you were financially and emotionally independent enough to cook your own Lean Cuisine TV dinners in your own microwave. You may feel like you’re putting the ‘ish’ in accomplishments. Don”t feel this way. Like I said, we’ve all been there. That’s what parents are there for: to give us a place to go when we’re trying to get started and, like, “launch” ourselves or whatever.  They love you and they don’t mind helping you out for awhile. As long as you’re not jobless, 40 and still playing Call of Duty/Zoo Tycoon in your parent’s basement, “Tripp out” all you want.


Samantha – Sixteen Candles

The under-appreciated one. Do you ever have those days when you just feel like no one appreciates how spunky, funny, wonderful, and awesome you are? Do you ever have them on you birthday? Well, Samantha Baker totally gets it. Everyone feels like they deserve more than they’re getting sometimes, and, usually, they do. Never fear. Eventually, Jake Ryan will show up at your house in a Porsche, and you’ll ride off happily into the sunset to have the pity birthday party that you both deserve.

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Anna – Frozen 

Awkward. Anna is the only Disney princess who doesn’t wake up looking just as perfect as she did the night before at the ball. She’s also the only one who falls down in front of the guy she likes, i.e. she’s the only semi-realistic princess. Sadly, this world is an awkward place. If you’re finishing a guy’s sandwich chances are there’s going to be left over bologna hanging from your chin and lettuce in your teeth. You just might fall off a dock while you’re chatting-up your new special someone, and, most likely, a horse and a boat won’t save you from falling in and ruining your mascara/chances with your prince. You’re more likely to wake up with ratty hair, raccoon eyes, and cat litter breath than looking like you just stepped out of a magic pumpkin carriage. Don’t worry. We all have our awkward attacks.


Dionne – Clueless

The fabulous best friend. You’re always there for your best friend, and you’ll back her up no matter what. Whether she needs a lunch date, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to wear a bold, ridiculous statement hat with her, you’re her go-to gal. You’re loyal, funny, and always know just what to say to cheer your bestie up. If everyone had the pleasure of being graced with your friendship, the world would be a much better place.



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