5 Cost-Effective Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen

You don’t have to fork out lots of money when renovating a kitchen. If you’re not interested in moving appliances and knocking down walls, you can refresh your kitchen simply by making a few minor tweaks.

Here are a few change worth considering for anyone wanting to give their kitchen a facelift on a budget.

Color code

Sticking to a color code can bring a sense of uniformity to your kitchen to counteract against clutter. You can either try to match appliances or paint all your cabinets to a certain color scheme. If you don’t want to go too dramatic, whites and wood colours can bring a nice sense of balance to your décor.

Let there be light

A dark kitchen can feel dismal. Without changing your kitchen architecturally, your best option is to stick to light tones. White and light woods will help reflect light more, unlike dark mahoganies and black countertops. Electrical lighting can help brighten up the space but can be expensive, especially recessed lighting. Wiring track lighting onto the ceiling is often much more affordable and will provide a lot of light. You can arrange track lighting into patterns, helping to build the character of the room. Chrome tones and mirrors can also help reflect light from a window and give the illusion that a poky kitchen is bigger and brighter than it actually is.

Clean up cabinets

Replacing cabinets can be costly, but if they’re peeling or looking a little faded you’ll want to do something to liven them up. There are many refinishing companies such as America West Homes that can help to rejuvenate your kitchen cabinets. You may also want to consider getting new handles or drawer pulls. These small tweaks will transform your cabinets and make your kitchen feel brand new.

Change worktops

Kitchen worktops can come in all materials. If you’ve currently got wooden countertops, why not give stone a go as a change. The likes of marble and granite can bring a sense of luxury to your kitchen and stay pretty cut-proof, although they can be very expensive. For a more affordable option, try a laminate material such as melamine. Those with stone worktops already meanwhile may want to make the switch to wood for a more rustic tone. Steel worktops are also an option, but try not to have too much more steel on display to avoid your kitchen looking like a canteen.

Tap into new tech

You can revive an old sink simply by plumbing in a new tap. Pull-down chrome taps as provided by companies like Milano are particularly in fashion at the moment, allowing you to manoeuvre the tap aim and get grime out of all the corners of the sink. For going the extra mile, you can also invest in a boiling hot water tap. These replace the need to have a kettle, giving you boiling water on demand for immediately filling up your cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

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