5 Engagement Ring Dilemmas Solved

by Sarah Ruhlman
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A lot of girls are now getting to choose their own engagement ring. After all, guys worry about making the wrong choice. Then their special girl has to wear a ring they don’t really like for years to come. Therefore, they are deciding the decision should lay with their wife to be. And for us girls, we are liking the fact we have our input in the decision. After all, we have never trusted our man to make fashion choices for us before! So why let them make the decision when it comes to a ring we are going to have to wear for the rest of our lives. Of course, you should still let your new fiance help you when it comes to choosing the ring!

However, when it comes to making the decision about your engagement ring, it can leave girls puzzled. And they might make the wrong choice which leaves them with regret for years to come. Therefore, here is some guidance to ensure you make the right choice with an engagement ring!

Choose something which is in fashion

You will have to wear your ring when you go out during the day and night. Therefore, it always has to be a part of your outfit. And as you will be aiming to look on-trend with your fashion choices, you need to pick something which will ensure you are still in fashion. You don’t want to go for something which turns your fashion choice upside down. But a lot of ladies do forget about this when going for a ring. In fact, they might opt for the most blingy one on offer. However, it means they might choose something which is going to clash with everything you wear! Therefore, go for something classy that can be worn with any outfit. In fact, you might want to opt for something quite minuscule which won’t affect your fashion choice. And when it comes to the color, it’s best to go for gold or silver. After all, these won’t clash with any colored outfit. If you do want to go for something brighter, you need to think about the rest of your wardrobe and jewelry before making the wrong decision!

Go for a ring which is unique

A lot of people opt for a beautiful white gold design when they choose their engagement ring. After all, it’s simple and beautiful to wear on your finger. But if you do go for something which is very similar to everyone else’s ring, you will be left disappointed. After all, you want a ring which stands out and is unique. That way, people will be left amazed by your ring choice. And they will have ring envy when they see your lush choice. Therefore, to ensure you find something which is unique, you should take a look at all the different options around. In fact, you should head into less well-known stores which might have a great array of rings on offer. And you could even head to cities like New York to go to ring shops like Frost Nyc to see what unique offerings they have. Or even look online at the different stores which offer styles which will suit your personality. And remember to try on options you might not instantly think will suit you. After all, you might find a ring which looks amazing!

Opt for a ring which will look fabulous with your wedding ring

You need to think about your wedding ring when making your engagement ring choice. A lot of people forget that their wedding ring will sit right next to their beautiful engagement ring. And they might make their engagement ring choice without thinking it through properly. But you don’t want to end up struggling to hunt down a wedding ring which will go with your engagement ring. Therefore, have a look at wedding rings at the same time, so you know which choices would look great together. In fact, you might want to try the two on at the same time to check out your choice. That way, it will stop you making a big error which will end up being frustrating when hunting down a wedding ring! And if you do see any wedding rings you like while looking for an engagement ring, it’s worth making a note of the name or number. That way, you can find it again when it’s time to buy it for your wedding!

Pick something which is timeless

It’s so easy to go for a ring which might be your kind of thing at the moment. For example, you might love purple stones and want one with this design. Or you might be a fan of Disney, so want to go for a Disney ring! But the problem with going for something you love at the moment is you might not love it in years to come. And then it means you might end up regretting your choice. In fact, some women end up buying another ring later in their life as they hate the design. Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to go for something that is timeless. For example, a beautiful gold or even white gold ring with a gorgeous diamond is still going to be popular in years to come. And going for this choice will mean you will still love it when you reach your 40’s, 50’s and beyond!

Choose something which fits properly

You need to make sure you pick a ring which fits your finger properly. After all, it’s so easy to end up with a ring which is too tight. And then you might end up swollen fingers which will never look attractive. Or you might go for something which is too large. But in this case, it might start rubbing your finger which will be uncomfortable. And if it is too big, you might have a higher chance of it falling off your finger. Then it will be lost for good if you can’t find where it fell down! Therefore, make sure it’s the right size before making a choice!

And remember to ensure it’s ultimately your decision. Even if you have friends with you who might be trying to swing your decision, remember you are the one who will be wearing it every day!

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