5 Fashion Trends You Should Be Wearing Right Now

by Sarah Scoop
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A new year brings many new things.  You might have new friends, a new job or even a new house, but one of the most important things in my opinion is the new fashion.  There are always new trends that come around for each new year, but I’m especially excited for the upcoming fashion in 2017.

Here are 5 new fashion trends for 2017!

1. Oversized Jackets

From denim jackets to bomber jackets, oversized jackets are becoming very trendy for the new year.  I personally love them because they’re very easy to throw on over any outfit and they also keep you very warm and cozy during the winter and early spring.  You will definitely be seeing these  jackets everywhere during 2017.

2. Chokers

The choker necklace trend will surely be one that continues during 2017, as they’re very cute and come in an array of different designs.  These chokers can automatically add an extra edge to your outfit, and they’re pretty inexpensive.  From velvet to lace, there’s always one that can will perfectly complement your outfit.

3. Clothes to Support your City

It’s always great to represent where you’re from and what better way to do this than with shirts or jackets that have the Kansas City logo on them?  There are so many stores in Kansas City that are solely devoted to selling Chiefs, Royals or Sporting KC gear, so it’s very easy to find something that you love.  Supporting your city or state with your clothes will always be a trend that’s in style.

4. Athleisure

This trend is great if you want to stay in comfortable clothes all day, but still have things to do outside of your home.  The style basically consists of wearing cute and trendy athletic clothes like leggings, hoodies or sneakers. Whether you plan on actually going to the gym in your athleisure wear, or you just plan on getting your nails done, this style can definitely be worn for any casual occasion.

5. Booties

Booties are here to stay!  Booties have been in style for quite a while now and they are sticking around for 2017.  There are so many different styles of booties: leather, suede, heeled or patterned and they can be found in stores everywhere.  These shoes will also cute with nearly every outfit and will keep your feet warm and cozy while it’s still cold outside!

I hope these trends will help you revamp your closet for 2017 and continue to stay warm during the last few months of winter!  But don’t forget that the best thing you can wear all year is anything that you feel confident and beautiful in.

Have a great year and happy shopping!

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