5 Habits for Better Skin

1. Remove your makeup every night before bed.

Leaving your makeup on is suffocating your skin and the pollution around you and general grossness transferred to your skin everyday- be good to your skin and take the unnecessary layer off. 


2. Use sunscreen.

Even if it’s cloudy and rainy, UV rays can still harm even the toughest of skin. Save yourself the pain later by applying  one extra step in the morning.

3. Drink lots of water.

Your skin and general body will feel better if you are constantly hydrated from the inside out.


4. Stop touching your face.

The average person touches their face 3-5 times a minute, and when you think about all the other things you touch from people to pencils- germs spread quickly to your skin from everything you touch.


5. Change your sheets.

Oils from your hair, face, and hands can transfer into sheets, especially if they are cotton. Opt for a silk pillow case for a smoother face, and if you feel like splurging- buy the matching sheet set.

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