5 Ideal Weekend Getaways


Going away to new places is great, but sometimes, with little time and money, it seems like there isn’t a lot of places you could do. But surprisingly, even a small getaway, you can find relaxation and enjoy your life at the moment. Here’s some 5 ideal weekend getaways you should put on your list of things to do in your schedule.

  1. Go to a national park. It doesn’t have to be a big one. But being outdoor in nature proved to be a relaxing and calming. Hike, explore, camp, or just eating outdoor for a day is a great experience, especially it’s lot different from being home most of the time. Just search up a nearby park in your area and start packing!
  2. Go to a relative’s place. If you don’t often go to a relative’s place and they are not that far, take a weekend at their place. It doesn’t mean you have to be home the whole weekend, but being in a new town might prove to be a better outlook and change of scenery from the usual one you see everyday. Plus, free housing and if not, at least you got a trade off for it.
  3. Travel to a new place. Whether it be the beach, a part of town, a whole city, or a museum, use this weekend to explore a new place. It’s surprisingly how much you may find in a place that’s easily overlooked by others because they had seen it more than some people may have and how much there are to do in a place.
  4. Go to a local event. If you had never tried that 5k run, go give a try. You don’t need to be a runner to complete it. Or attend a plaza festival. There’s bound to be new food to try. Going to local event is another way to enjoy a weekend. Local events usually don’t require money, if not much, and are convenient. Also, they’re a nice way to learn a new culture of something you may not know about the topic or the home.
  5. Walk around your home. If you really can’t go somewhere, getting out of the house is not hard. Take a long walk around the hometown and try to make a list of something you may never noticed before. For instance, that store that just replaced Safeway since you never really shopped there. Seeing things you never noticed before really put you in a new perspective of your home area and you may actually find something useful or two.

Getting away don’t require a whole lot of money so take yourself out and enjoy being outdoors and learning something new!

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J-Ky is a high school student pursing journalism. They love to write and run in spare time. They run cross country and track in school and love to vlog. They believe in happiness and positivity are the key to life.

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