5 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following


Looking for Insta-inspiration, Insta-laughs, and an Insta-cure for boredom? Here are some Instagram accounts you should be following. 

NYC Blonde – nyc_blonde

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If you’re looking for hilarious and equally artsy images from a thrill-seeking guacamole enthusiast, this is the account to follow. NYC Blonde brings the thoughts you’re too polite to say out loud to life through dramatic, stunning pictures and words.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat – hamilton_the_hipster_cat

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I moustache you a couple of questions. Do you love cats? Do you love moustaches? Can you imagine a perfect world where the two were combined?

Well, as it turns out you don’t have to imagine! Hamilton The Hipster Cat is an adorable account that will brighten your day, everyday, with pictures of the ever suave and sophisticated Hamilton. Not only will your newsfeed be filled with pictures that will satisfy the crazy-cat-lady in you, but following Hammy is following an account with a cause. The account is part of the project Cats Save Tigers, and is working to save the dwindling population of  the (roughly) 3,000 tigers left in the world.

Kerri Verna – beachyogagirl

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Kerri Verna is an incredibly flexible, accomplished yogi who will inspire you to better yourself everyday. She’ll make you want to contort your body into weird positions, convince you that your 8-minute ab work out is a good idea, and catch your eye every day with her exquisite photography.

Suz A. – adriftanywhere_travelblog

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The perfect account for anyone with a little wanderlust in their veins. This Insa-travel-blog makes you feel as if you’re traveling the world, just by scrolling through your iPhone. Fill your newsfeed with sublime, stunning images from around the globe and follow this account.

Food52 – food52

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Satisfy your cravings with some food porn from Food52. This account shows perfectly-presented images of drop-dead delectable foods. Food52’s goal is to help people become better, smarter, happier cooks. The account offers advice on what and where to eat. It’s a great account for foodies!

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