5 Minute Face in Three Easy Steps

by Sarah Scoop
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Some of us are the type of girl that takes an hour to get ready, but then there are those who take 30 minutes to get ready.  Then sometimes life gets in the way and that short time has to be cut in half.  When it comes to make-up we  need it to be quick and flawless. I actually got to try out this 5 minute look for an interview that I went on last week and it complemented my outfit perfectly.

5 Minute Look


Step One (face): I recently bought some BB cream to see what the craze is about. I have to say that I LOVE it. It glides on really smooth and does actually cover some imperfections on my face. After applying, I use concealer and then foundation. I like to apply my foundation with a kabuki brush because it helps to give an airbrush look to my make-up. I use powder to seal everything in and then contour my cheeks with some bronzer. The last step to my face is to use some blush to add some color.

Step Two (eyes): This step takes 30-45 seconds. I simply use eyeliner on my lower eye lid and top off with some mascara so that my eyelashes have some volume and will help my eyes pop.

Step Three (lips): The lips are the most important part to my 5 minute look because this is where I really want to make my natural look pop. Since it is summer I used a bright pink color so that I have something that stands out.

5 minute look collage

This 5 minute look gives you just enough for a great day-time look.

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