5 New Year’s Resolutions for a More Intimate Relationship

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Whether your relationship is just coming out of the honeymoon phase or if you have been together for years, it is always a good time to re-up on closeness and passion with your partner. Amid your usual resolutions to lose a few pounds or drink a little less, commit to one or more of these attainable resolutions for greater intimacy.

Make small gestures

Often when we think of turning up the romance the grand gestures of romantic-comedy lore come ti mind. But the smaller things we do for our partners have a strong effect on the level of intimacy we can achieve. Hand him his towel when he steps out of the shower or bring home her favorite wine when she hasn’t asked. Small gestures not only make your significant other feel good, but also make you feel good about your contribution and commitment to the relationship.

The little ways we show affection create a warm environment in which we feel more comfortable opening up to each other.

Leave phones at home

Screens, screens everywhere in 2014. Regardless of how interesting the conversation is or how much you love the person sitting across from you, it just seems impossible not to pick up your phone and take a peek at your newsfeed. So resolve not to bring phones to the dinner table next year. Don’t just attach this resolution to date nights. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance (i.e. a relative is in labor, etc.) make every meal with your partner a phone free zone. You may feel that twinge of disconnectedness when you leave the house untethered, but by the time the appetizer comes you won’t be missing your phone at all. You’ll both be too focused on each other.

Take time for yourself

It’s counterintuitive, but making time for yourself is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. When you focus on taking care of yourself you come to relationships with a better attitude. A sense of personal contentment can head off a lot of the unnecessary arguments that come with misplaced aggression. Having your own “me time,” will also make you more understanding of your partner’s need for the same. An intimate relationship is strongest between two people who take the time to meet their own individual needs.

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Be a more mindful lover

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Make a resolution together

Setting a joint goal can help the two of you bond. As you face the ups and downs that come with trying to meet a resolution you can be there to support each other when things are tough, and celebrate each other when you persevere. Find a task that inspires you both or a new habit you could both benefit from and resolve to help each other achieve it. Don’t be afraid to share a resolution from this list with your partner and double down on resolutions for greater intimacy in 2015.

For additional ways to become more intimate in the New Year, visit K-Y.com.

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