5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for “Nerve”

by Veronica Vivona
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The movie “Nerve” is like truth or dare… minus the truth part and adding a bit of danger into the mix! Here are the top five reasons why you should be excited to see it:


The Plot

Nerve is about a high school girl, played by Emma Roberts, who goes on an absolutely insane roller-coaster of an adventure when she starts playing the online game called Nerve! Nerve consists of watchers and players. Watchers pay to watch the players complete dares. The dares are decided on by the watchers and the players get paid for every dare they complete. Throw some Dave Franco in the mix, and you’ve got yourself one exciting movie!

You Know The Directors

Nev was at the premiere for Nerve. I love the brotherly support.

Nev was at the premiere for Nerve. I love the brotherly support.

“Catfish: The TV Show” stars Nev Schulman who once had his online love affair turned catfishing disaster documented by his brother, Arial Schulman. Well, time to buckle up because that is exactly who the director of “Nerve” is! Having grown from his days of documenting the life of his kid brother, Ariel Schulman also directed “Paramnormal Activity 3” and Paranormal Activity 4” alongside his longtime film partner, Henry Joost (the other director of “Nerve”). Expect some crazy stuff from these two!

One Insane Adrenaline Rush

Have you ever had that feeling while on a rollercoaster where you are just waiting to freefall? They purposely do that for a long time in order to give you the biggest adrenaline rush when you finally go downhill. Well, that’s exactly what this movie feels like! From high speed motorcycle rides, to impromptu tattoos, to high beam balancing between buildings, “Nerve” leaves you on the edge of the seat the whole time!

Fix Those “Orange is the New Black” Blues


If you are like me, you managed to binge watch season four of “Orange is the New Black” all in one weekend and are now craving even more! What if I were to tell you that Samira Wiley (Poussey) and Kimiko Glenn (Soso) both made appearances in this movie? Well: that’s what I’m telling you! Though the two play minor parts, we all know that they are more than capable of being scene stealers!

Player vs. Watcher: Which would you choose?

It’s not as easy of a choice as you think! As seen in the trailer, one kid dies from playing the game (possibly) by getting down on a train track right before a train comes and crushes him. When the game gets dangerous, the only way to stop it from happening… is to win. That being said, the bigger the dare, the more money you win and the more famous you become. This film will have you questioning what you would do and learning more about yourself than ever!

What’s going to happen? Will everyone make it out alive in the end? Get ready for one crazy movie with “Nerve”! Watch the trailer below for a quick preview of Nerve.

Nerve is in theaters July 27, 2016!

Don’t forget to read all about my New York City “Nerve” premiere experience over here.

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