5 Reasons to Go See Aladdin


Remember this childhood classic?  Bring this home to watch for future generations to come.  Let Jasmine, Aladdin, the Genie and of course Abu entertain you and your family all over again. Now including bonus features of bloopers and a never before seen tribute to Robin Williams.

  1. Everyone should see this uplifting Disney masterpiece about wishes and dreams come true.  
  2. The late, great Robin Williams delivers an award-winning performance as the voice of the Genie.
  3. This movie will have you laughing out loud, (literally,) while enjoying Aladdin’s adventures.
  4. Don’t forget about Jasmine, Disney’s first princess of color!
  5. Relive the magic of the romantic song “A Whole New World” while Jasmine and Aladdin take you on a magic carpet ride.

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