5 Reasons Health House Makes a Great Workout (Even for Those Who Hate Working Out)

There are those who work out for fun and then there are those who work out for more fun ;).  Thinking you’re neither of them? Have no fear,I’ve got the solution for you!  Health House will get you out of your house and into the gym. For those of you who hate working out or just don’t really know what workout is best for you, Health House makes the perfect workout. You think I’m tricking you but I promise you, I am not. Listed below are 5 superior reasons why Health House is the perfect workout even for those of you who hate working out!

High Energy

No matter the time of the class/workout, whether it is 5 a.m. or 5 p.m., the instructors are always high energy! They push you to be your best. Not only that but they want you to be your best. If you put in the work, they put in the work. Along with the instructors, the other people around you have high energy. The environment of Health House makes you feel good and makes you want to be there. You won’t have any problem waking up for that 5 a.m. class because you know other people will be just as ready to work out as you are!

Motivating Instructors

Like I said, the instructors want you to be your best and work your hardest! Each instructor is personable and passionate. They know what they are doing and they are great at motivating each person in the room. If there is something you don’t understand or a technique you don’t quite get, any instructor is happy to help. The motivation they provide during the workouts makes them fly by and seem like a piece of cake (had to throw a food pun in since we are talking about workouts). They provide a positive atmosphere that you won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable walking into.

Time Commitment

45 Minutes. That’s right only 45 minutes a day is what it takes. That is less than one Grey’s Anatomy episode people! One class is 45 minutes and they are fun! Take a rowing class, rip and row or a full body class for only 45 minutes. I can’t stress the time commitment aspect enough. I used to think that working out every day or even every other day meant hours in the gym… it doesn’t. With Health House’s great trainers and sculpted techniques, you will be worked out in 45 minutes. Sure, you are going to have to go more than once a week but one thing at a time 😉 Anyway, check out their class schedule and see what classes fit into YOUR schedule! They have class slots practically all day. 45 minutes!

Cardio and Weights Mix

Health House mixes cardio with weights so once you are done working your bod’ you will feel totally exhilarated. Not to mention, while working out, the instructors play totally bomb playlists! If you aren’t totally awesome at cardio or weights, or both, have no fear! You are bound to get better as the sessions roll along. And as always: the instructors (and your workout pals) are there for the encouragement! If you used to only do cardio days or only weight days you will now be a fan of mixing them. Your body will thank you!

The most important thing for me: Fun

Given the title of this article, I know some of you are not the biggest fans of working out. That being said, I am a huge fan of Health House. Just thinking about Health House makes me want to get up and go! What makes Health House such an easy work out opportunity is simply that it is fun. The music, the people, the environment… With the pumped-up atmosphere, you’ll forget you are even working out! Health House is bound to change your attitude toward working out.

Hopefully, these five reasons have inspired everyone to check out Health House, you’re going to love it! When you walk through the Health House doors you will be greeted with a clean, spacious place to work out, friendly trainers and an atmosphere that will have you running for the rowing machines. Don’t believe me? Go try it for yourself 😉 or check out their website!

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