5 Reasons to See #BabyDriverMovie

Baby Driver has quickly become one of my new favorite movies and I’m sure you’ll love it too!  I have loved Ansel Elgort ever since he starred in The Fault in Our Stars, and he was just as outstanding in this upcoming film.  Talented getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) is the best in the business.  Although he doesn’t prefer a life of crime, he must repay his boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) for a mistake that he made as a child, by driving getaway cars.  After meeting a local waitress named Deborah (Lily James), Baby becomes enamored with her beauty and tries to escape his life of crime for her.  Things get complicated as Baby quickly learns that his crimes will always be there to haunt him, and it’s not exactly easy to breakaway from a boss with a knack for destruction.  In what he hopes will be his last heist, Baby makes a decision that will change his life forever and put the lives of everyone he loves at risk.  This thrilling movie is one that you do NOT want to miss! Here are 5 reasons to see Baby Driver, in theaters today!

1. The Movie is Filled with Daring High-Speed Car Chases

Baby is genius behind the wheel and his skills are truly baffling.  Able to get out of any situation imaginable, Baby truly is the best at what he does and he has a great track record to prove it.  Not only is Baby an incredible driver, but he has an amazing soundtrack to go with every intense car chase in the movie.

2. Ansel Elgort is Swoon Worthy

Being incredibly attractive is one thing, but being a hunk who’s also a bad boy is the perfect recipe for a movie that’s sure to be enjoyed by women everywhere.  Ansel Elgort is perfect as Baby and his amazing acting makes the movie just that much better.  Along with being a bad boy, Baby also has a sensitive side!  Can you say swoon?

3. The Film Features Amazing Music

Due to an accident he was in as a child, Baby is constantly listening to music to drown out the sound of a ringing in his ear.  This means that the movie has an AMAZING soundtrack that corresponds perfectly with the plot of the film.  From Queen to The Beach Boys, Baby Driver features great songs, and a few of them are definitely going to be added to my playlist.

4. It’s a Heart Pounding Thriller

This thrilling movie had such a great plot that held me in anticipation for its entire duration.  My heart was literally pounding out of my chest in fear for the lives of Baby and Deborah.  Baby Driver is a breathtaking masterpiece that left a lasting impression on me long after I left the theater.

5. It has a Fast Moving Plot

Not once during this film was I bored or distracted.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen and was completely immersed in the action of this movie.  I would highly encourage everyone to see this intense and outstanding critically acclaimed film.

Is Baby able to escape his life of crime?  Find out by seeing Baby Driver, in theaters today!

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