5 Reasons to See #WishUpon

by laurafofora

Your wishes have been granted because Wish Upon hits theaters on July 14th!  This is definitely one of my new favorite horror movies and it has such a unique plot that hasn’t ever been tackled before.  When 17-year-old Clare (Joey King) is gifted a mysterious music box from her father Jonathan (Ryan Phillippe), her whole life changes drastically.  The mysterious box promises to grant seven wishes and unaware of certain consequences, Clare begins to wish her problems away.  Every aspect of Clare’s life suddenly seems perfect, until she realizes that many of her loved ones have coincidentally died in very elaborate and gruesome ways.  As the box begins to take over and ruin her entire life, Clare becomes addicted to the power and will risk her life and the lives of her loved ones just for popularity and perfection.  Here are 5 reasons to see Wish Upon in theaters today!

1. Clare is the Perfect Example of a Typical Teenager

From crushing on boys to having a hilarious group of friends, Clare is a great example of what teenagers are like in today’s modern times.  She is very relatable and easy for audience members to connect with, not to mention that Joey King is an excellent actress.  All of these different aspects give Clare a great personality, with unique yet quirky traits. 

2. The Movie Features Many Eerie and Elaborate Deaths

I was totally surprised with the ways that each of the characters died and I sat nervously through the movie just waiting for the next person to have a fatal accident.  I have truly never seen a more horrifying movie and I couldn’t believe my eyes as each of my favorite characters met their deadly fate.  The suspense builds throughout the film, making this one of the most chilling movies I’ve ever seen!

3. All of Clare’s Clothes are to Die For

One of the most important things for any high school girl is fashion.  It’s imperative to many girls that they always be on trend with each outfit they wear to school, and it was obvious that this was very important to Clare as well.  From bomber jackets to cute sweaters, there were many outfits featured in the film that I definitely had my eye on.

4. There are Some Very Funny Scenes Amidst All of the Horror

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of amusing scenes in the movie.  Not only were these scenes very funny, but they broke some of the tension that was felt by the audience due to so many horrifying character deaths.  The light-hearted moments of the movie made it very rare in its genre and added a unique touch to the overall plot.     

5. You’ll be Completely Shocked by Clare’s Wishes

Clare’s wishes were definitely some of the most surprising things about the plot of the movie.  I’m not really sure what I would wish for if I had seven wishes, but Clare’s choices gave the movie a very ominous and sinister tone that increased the overall tension of the film.  If you really want to know what she wishes for, make sure to see the movie while it’s still in theaters!


You do not want to miss Wish Upon, in theaters today!

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