5 Reasons To Go Watch Ant-Man


The latest of the Marvel series Ant-Man came out in theaters this past weekend, and AntMan55a6c8834c740while it may not have had the same great opening than Avengers, Ant-Man has turned out to be a
marvelous and witty addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Trust me here, whether you are a comic-book lover or not, here at 5 reasons why you should definitely go watch the movie!



Paul Rudd Is In It!

While you might think andimage005 so what? Hollywood is full of talents,” in 20 years in the cinema business, Rudd has never failed to amuse us demonstrate his capacity to adapt to every role he was given.

Between his wonderful performances as a big brother in Clueless to his stuck up energy drink salesman role in Role Models, Rudd may just be at the top of his game right now.

Mostly known for playing humorist roles, seeing him in Ant Man will be a good way for us to see how Rudd manages to combine “enjoyment with seriousness.”


The Special Effects Are On Point!

If it’s not for Paul Rudd, then just go for the visual effects!

AntMan54b5d2af4893dIn order to make the movie as realistic as possible and get the best close-up textures of each object in the scene, Peyton Reed and his team used special cameras on set, and it just happened to be breathtaking!

The one (among others) close up shot where Rudd (or Scott Lang in the movie) changes down to micro sized in the bathtub, allowing us to see the world throughout his own perspective was stunning. It ultimately gives the viewer a feeling of being part of the action and transported into an entirely different world.

In one word: outstanding.


The Trailer

I know I know…Never judge a book by its cover but trust me; the two minute trailer was definitely a good summary of what you can expect from the movie: Action, Drama and Laughter.AntMan55a6c880eade0

The team has done a wonderful job revealing just enough information to make us want to go watch the movie, but still be surprised by the amount of things happening in almost two hours.


Brilliant Cast

Some people say that the more great celebrities in a movie, the worse the movie will be. While that might be true in many cases, it couldn’t be any further from the truth in Ant-Man.

Between Evangeline Lilly’s performance to Michael Douglas first performance away from his usual contemporary movies, the movie is full of surprises, excitements AND great talents!AntMan556fa275ccbd1



Everybody is going to have a good time

Asides from being tremendously captivating, Ant-Man may be Marvel’s funniest movie.

Between the continuous visual gags and the various jokes, you will for sure not be bored from watching Ant Man. Moroever, the little girl in the movie will remind children and AntMan5588c5630690btheir parents that anybody can go watch that movie and have a great time.

Engaging, Funny and altogether relevant to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, watching Ant-Man is probably going to end up making you want to read the comics!

So what are you still waiting for? Go get your tickets 🙂

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