5 Reasons You Should Listen to the Avett Brothers

2 crooning gentleman from North Carolina: what else is there to love? So much more! With the release of their new album, The Carpenter, we tell you five reasons why you should be adding the Avett Brothers to your playlist.

#1: Their lyrics are real.

The Avett Brothers dig deep and prove to be down-right poets. From songs about items at a yard sale to their relationship with God, you will hear about life’s elements through their eyes.

Listen to “A Father’s First Spring” off their newest album, for instance. The sweet melody is centered around a father’s love for his child, and boast of lyrics like “I never lived ’til I lived in your light/ And my heart never beat like it does at the sight/ Of you baby blue, God blessed your life/ I do not live ‘less I live in your light”. Can you say “awww”?

The hopeless romantics in us are also still swooning over their giddy nerves in “Kick Drum Heart”. What girl doesn’t want to hear their punchline, “It’s not the chase that I love/ it’s me following me you”? As well, we can’t help shed a tear or two in the ballads, “Murder in the City” and “I and Love and You”.

#2: They stick to variety

No synthesizers are heard here! The members pick on 2 acoustic guitars, a banjo, a drum-set, oh, and a cello and a stand-up bass. Just like every other band, right?

When you think they couldn’t be any more unique, they harmoniously mix their Appalachian roots with the hard-core name of rock-and-roll, creating a mix between rock, bluegrass, and folk. Thanks to “Talk on Indolence” and “Paul Newmon vs. The Demons”, we beckon for the electric guitar to move aside: the banjo is taking over.

#3: They’ve stood the test of time

The band was started back in 2000 by Seth and Scott Avett with the release of Country Was. Since then, Bob Crawford, Joe Kwon, and Jacob Edwards have joined the journey of producing 7 full-length albums, 4 EPs, and 3 Live albums. Not to mention, the brother duo is behind the lyrics of every song written. It’s no wonder they were graced with the tile of “Group/duo of the year” by the AMA!

#4: They’re just as easy on the eyes as they are on the ears

Okay, we can talk about how revelatory their music, and at the end of the day, that’s what makes them various people’s favorite bands. But, have you seen them?

#5: They’re real guys.

Back down, ladies. The boys are happily married and have children, which serve as an obvious inspiration for a number their songs. Additionally, the boys have been described as just your normal, everyday boys, adding even more endearment to their name.

Also… here are 5 songs to listen to by the  (besides the ones discussed above):

  1. Paranoia in B Flat Major”Emotionalism
  2. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of PromiseI and Love and You
  3. Live and DieThe Carpenter
  4. Laundry RoomI and Love and You
  5. Through My PrayersThe Carpenter

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