5 Reasons You Should Own A Wine Cellar #HaierAmbassador

Are you at that age where going to bars just isn’t as fun as it used to be?   Do you prefer a few glasses of wine over straight vodka shots?  Have you ever considered purchasing your own wine cellar?  You can start entertaining at home with your own wine cellar.  I was recently sent the 18-Bottle Capacity Dual Zone Tower Wine Cellar from Haier and it is amazing.  Here are 5 great reasons that this investment is for you.  Check out these 5 Reasons You Should Own A Wine Cellar. Wine

1.  Neighborhood Wine Night

Maybe you live in a condo, apartment, neighborhood…it really doesn’t matter.  If you are living around people, you could invite them over for a wine night.  This will get you in good with the people around you and is also an easy way to turn strangers into friends.  Plus, the 18-Bottle Capacity Dual Zone Tower Wine Cellar from Haier that I use, has dual zone.  This allows for simultaneous storage of both red and white wine at different temperatures.

2.  Bachelor Night

Do you catch every episode of ordinary people longing for love on national television?  Maybe you watch solo or with your besties.  Whatever the case a nice chilled glass of wine is sure to make teh night more enjoyable.  Look for wine cellars with electronic control with LED Display.  You will be able to conveniently set the optimal temperature for red wines or white wines.  Making your glass of wine taste that much better as you wait in anticipation to see who receives the final rose.

3.  Red Wine Has Benefits

You’ve heard it before a glass of wine can actually be good for you.  Red wine is said to lower your cholesterol, protect your heart and even control blood sugar.  But, don’t worry if you want to have a collection of various wines you can easily do so.  The 18-bottle wine cellar from Haier offers soft interior light.  The lighting makes it easy to organize and view your wine collection.   You will able to easily find that bottle of red wine when you are looking for some healthy benefits.

4. Date Night

Guys or gals, you’ll be impressing your potential suitors when you invite them over for a wine night.  Rather than drinking out of a warm bottle or over iced glass, you’ll be sipping on wine straight out of your cellar.  By stocking it with his or her favorite wines you’ll also be winning some major points.  If you’re not sure what they like, don’t worry you can play it off.  The Hair Dual Zone Tower Wine Cellar allow for the storage of 18 different bottles.  Keeping a well stocked selection will be a sure way to guarantee a favorite.

5.  Relax

If there is one thing I think when it comes to wine, it’s relaxation.  I mean seriously who doesn’t feel a little relaxed with a glass of wine?  Having an at home wine cellar gives you the chance to keep wine on hand at any time you might need it.  I’m talking study break, heart break or mental break.  A glass of wine is sure to relax the mind and prepare you for another day in your fabulous life.

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