5 Simple D.I.Y Home Decor Tips

Mr.KateMr. Kate is a Youtube personality that helps you turn your boring space into something spectacular! Since not all of us are super crafty or gifted with projects, like me, she makes her D.I.Y  projects simple and easy. They always turn-out fantastic! Shop at flea markets, junk yards, thrift-stores, and garage sales to find items that you can remix to fit your style. Below is a list of home decor projects to spruce-up your apartment, house, room or dorm.

1. D.I.Y Spoon Painting

Need some color in your life? Here is an easy way to add a pop of color to your room! Maybe you can’t paint walls directly, but now you can add a one-of-a-kind painting onto your wall.

2. D.I.Y Dresser 

Within this guest-room, Mr. Kate and her bf re-D.I.Y a dresser. With a little bit of spray paint and rope and masterpiece is created

3. D.I.Y Floral Lampshades 

Flower power! Watch how this boring lampshade became ultimately chic in minutes by using inexpensive faux flowers.

4. D.I.Y Dorm Room

In this video you will find tips of decorating your dorm room without breaking any of the rules! Also, Mr. Kate uses the flower lamp shades from #2!

5. D.I.Y Framed Glitter

A really cute (and easy) way to add simple and glamorous decor to your space. Love it!


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