5 Sites That Give You Cash Back For Shopping Online


Spending your days shopping can be pretty fun and exhausting . . . especially online. It sure beats crowds and waiting in lines. Hey, online shopping is pretty great. But what’s even better is, you can earn money back. Wait, spend money and get money? Yes, it is possible. Here’s 5 sites that gives cash back for shopping online – what a deal!

  1. Ebates: A site with over 1,800 stores to shop at, it’s one of the big site that gives you cash back. Quarterly on average, you can receive your cash backs through mail, Paypal, or gifting it to a charity. Wait, charity? Yes! You can even give cash you earned from shopping to charity if you want, or just put it in your bank.
  2. FatWallet: Like Ebates, it’s another site of 1,600+ stores to do cash backs or coupons for you. You can also receive your cash backs quarterly through check, Paypal, or bank deposit if you have minimum of $10 in the account.
  3. SwagBucks: If you’re looking for a site that’s really noticeable, the PennyHoarder has got SwagBucks, a website most known for cashing in gift cards or coupons through cash backs and¬†shopping. You earn equal amount for every dollar you spend and you can redeem for cards or coupons, although you can also redeem them for cash by Paypal gift cards or other offers and deals.
  4. BeFrugal: With over 4,000 retails to shop from, BeFrugal is another site like the three above you can pick from for cash backs and shopping and combine them with deals and coupons offered on the site. BeFrugal allows you to get your cash backs once you each $25 through check or Paypal.
  5. CouponCactus: USE REFERRAL ID: 171487 for $10! Similar more to FatWallet with minimum of $10 to withdraw and over 4,000 stores to choose from, CouponCactus allows you to shop through multiple selections and can earn high amount of cash backs in forms of Paypal or check.

If these 5 sites aren’t enough, there’s many out there that can also cash back through shopping, although you should always check reviews and such to make sure it isn’t a complete scam! Whew, now, you can shop without feeling guilty for spending so much on that item you had been thinking of buying for your family and show you’ve got money coming your way!

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    • CouponCactus User
    • September 9, 2016

    Filled in referral id 171487 during sign up at CouponCactus, but unfortunately it says I have a balance $0 (not $10).

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