5 Styles of Interior Design to Inspire You

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Moving into a new house can be incredibly exciting but also a little nerve-wracking. You know you are making a new long-term commitment. This might be in terms of moving in with a partner or because your new place needs a lot of work done!


The good news is; you are in charge. This means you can design the interior of your house, bedroom or flat exactly as you would like. If you have an idea of how you would like your place to look but are in need of a little advice, websites like Sue Goldstone Interiors are available to lend a helping hand. If you’re starting from the drawing board, here are some popular interior design styles to get you started:


Minimalism is defined by neutral and light colors. Furniture and accessories tend to have ultra-clean lines, unfussy silhouettes and perfect finishes. Go for white walls, very light oak furniture and only a few abstract prints here and there. The key to accessorising with a minimal look is to keep things clean and classy. A few carefully placed cacti are the complimentary finish to any room of this kind.


Industrial interior design is inspired by warehouses and heavy duty goods. It sounds a little strange, but it has a really impactful effect when done right. Worn metal shelving and stripped wooden flooring is the basis for any good industrial living space. The finishing touches you’ll need are exposed wire lightbulbs, glass terrariums and metal light box signage.

Art Deco

Art Deco is all about decadence. It rose to popularity in the roaring twenties and is still as glamorous today. To indulge your art deco side look out for glossy metallic, decorative accents and maybe home furnishing with geometric motifs. Nothing says art deco quite like a giant, metallic mirror placed carefully upon your grand fireplace.


A traditionally decorated home probably resembles the family house you grew up in. Rooted in European sensibilities, the traditional approach encourages darker wood and richer color palettes. A big comfy sofa might be in the centre of your living room, complete with patterned cushions. Trims and natural room accessorising – such as plenty of candles – are integral to this look.


Embrace all things peace and love with a Bohemian finish room or flat. The beauty of this design look is that it’s not a big deal at all if your furnishings don’t match perfectly. Tapestries, tie-dye throws and incense all make up the ideal Bohemian living space. For the ultimate relaxation, put on an all-natural DIY face mask.

It doesn’t stop here by any means. You’ve got Rustic and Country Living trends. You might love the super suave Hollywood glam vibe. Shabby Chic might be the style that steals your heart or perhaps you have a penchant for Mid-Century Modern. Have we lost you there? Well, the point is, there are no limits to how personalized you can make your new home. So embrace that designer in you and – most importantly – have fun!

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