4 Summer Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Sunscreen when on the scene.

Summer is beach/pool season and with the outdoors comes the scorching sun and you want to make sure your skin is protected. SPF 15 is good for day to day wear, but if you’re going to be sporting a bikini across the beach for a long period of time, SPF 30 is ideal. Fun is the goal for the summer, but making sure your skin is protected for the long run should be a goal as well.

Keep Those Puckers Moisturized

Winter isn’t the only season where you experience dry lips. Dry climates can be the worst to your lips and with the sun beaming down on you it can cause your lips to burn. You want to make to keep them moisturized and using balms or glosses with SPF infused in them is a great way to keep the skin on your lips protected. Plus you want to keep up with them to rock those beautiful bright lipsticks for the season!

Swap Your Foundation

With all that sun you have to make sure to find the foundation for your summer shade. So head on over to you local drug store or Sephora, whichever you prefer, and find your perfect match!

Waterproof Eye Makeup

If you plan on hopping in the pool or sweating without coming out with raccoon eyes, waterproof eyeliner and mascara is the way to go. My go to’s are the NYX Liquid Black Liner and Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Falsies Black Drama Water; they never fail.

Now, go have the best summer evaaaaaaaa!

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