5 Things to Consider if You Want a Career in the Navy

When people think about joining the military they think of soldiers deployed in the Middle East, in direct combat situations. For some, this is a huge reason not to join. The truth is, there are many different branches of the military that serve a wide range of purposes.

Most people that are in the military are not involved in direct conflicts, a lot of the time they have a security role. One of the most popular, non-combat roles in the armed forces is the Navy. It brings a lot of benefits and the positions available within the Navy are very varied. If you are in two minds about a career in the Navy, here are some of the pros and cons.



Travel is one of the main things that draws people into a career in the Navy. Joining will give you the opportunity to travel all around the globe, all expenses paid. It’s often considered the best way to travel as well, because you can see more when you’re on the open ocean than you could if you were on a plane. For people that just don’t have the money to travel the world, and that’s most of us, the Navy is a great way to do it.


College is expensive and for some people, completely unaffordable. The most recent update to the GI Bill has introduced provisions for educating people that are in the armed forces. As long as you have served three years, you can get money for tuition, housing, and a bit extra for books and supplies while you are studying. This is a great offering for people that could not otherwise afford to go to college or want to go back in later life. It also applies to your dependents, so you could pay for your children to go to college using this program.


Healthcare is another great benefit that you get in the Navy. Like college, the price of healthcare is constantly rising. As part of the military, you’ll get a full health care plan as well as dental care included.


Now onto the negatives. While you are less likely to be deployed in a direct combat situation, you are still a member of the military and you have to be prepared for that eventuality because it could still happen. Make sure you are willing to do that before you join. As well as that, there are a lot of other hidden dangers involved with being on a ship such as exposure to asbestos. This could cause you serious health problems later in life and although the risk is less now, it is still worth considering.

Being Away From Home

When you are in training, you will only be out for around two weeks at a time, but once you are deployed properly, this will get much longer. You could be out for up to six months at a time. For some people, that is simply too long to be away from their family and friends. Could you deal with it?

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