5 Things to Remember When Shoe Shopping

What woman doesn’t love a good pair of shoes? And our love affair with footwear definitely started way before the days of Cinderella, but we always think of her when we think of the perfect slipper. But how do you know when you have found the perfect shoe? In the days of fast fashion, it’s hard to know what should stick around for the best. But, there is a way to tell – the shoe that fits the best is the shoe you’ll love for life. So, how do you go about knowing if a shoe fits you well or not? The proper way of knowing is a lot easier to understand than you might first think too. It just takes a little bit of learning to get it right.

Know What You’re Looking At

First of all, you’re going to know what you’re dealing with. If you don’t know a thing about the details and anatomy of your weapon, how are you supposed to become the master of it? There are a lot of different parts of a shoe, and not all shoes look the same. But, it’s important to know the makeup of the kind of shoes you like to wear so that you can understand how it impacts on your feet to get you started.

Get A Proper Measure

Next, you might want to think about getting a proper measurement taken. So, right now, you think you’re a size 7. But how do you know that? Have you just tried on shoes over time and come to decide upon that as your size? If so, you may need to rethink that and find out the right answer. There are lots of different ways to do it; you can even check online. It may also help to find out the width of your foot, in case you need better supporting footwear in the future.

Know Your Foot Shape

As well as your size, you might want to think about the shape of your foot. Is it flat, or do you tend to have high arches? What are your ankles like – are they weak and do you need more support? What about your toes, are they always cramped into your shoes? By analyzing the actual shape of your foot, you’ll be able to understand what shoes will be comfortable and which won’t fit well.

Invest Where You Can

When you buy cheap footwear, you could be doing your feet a lot of harm. It’s definitely okay to buy on a budget, because you can look super fabulous in whatever you choose to wear. But, when it comes to your feet and health, you sometimes do need to invest in comfort. Soft leathers and shoes that were made to last are often the answer for finding the best fit.

If In Doubt, Size Up

And when all else fails, and you’re not sure what size you should buy, always size up. When you size down, you could risk squashing your feet and doing a lot of damage. But when you size up, you’ve got that little bit of extra room for your feet to feel comfortable with.

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