5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Unfortunately, the last days of August are quickly approaching. School is starting and routines are beginning yet again. While this means new opportunities for fall fashion and cool, autumn days, we can’t deny that we’re sad to see Summer go.

As the last days fade away, try to make the most of what is left by doing these five things before Labor Day weekend (or even replacing them with some of your own favorite summertime activities).

While you read the list below, reminisce about your own summer, and tell us at Sarah Scoop what the season’s highlights were for you.  These are top 5 things you should do before summer ends.

1. Go to The Beach: Or if you’re land locked, a local lake or swimming hole- or even your friend’s pool! It’s your last chance to show off your favorite swim suit: Spend a day outside lounging by the water with friends and soaking up the last rays of the August sun.

2. Host a BBQ: People tend to have a little extra spare time in the Summer, so a BBQ is a great opportunity to gather friends and family alike to have fun. Throw some veggie burgers on the barbeque, put on your favorite play list, wear your prettiest sundress and relax. Looking for a few extra recipes to create for your guests? Check out out Sarah Scoop’s Food & Recipe section for inspiration.

3. Make S’mores: S’mores are a delicious way to end your BBQ, or even a tasty treat to make with friends late on a Summer night. The ingredients can be bought for a few dollars at your local market- all you need are marshmallows, chocolate and gram crackers- or even found in your own kitchen. While this treat gets messy fast, it is definitely a fun way to spend an evening.

4. Have a Day Trip Adventure- Visit the new exhibit at the art museum in your nearest city, or plan a mini road trip to a new place altogether. Summer is the perfect time to make memories and to create your own excitement. Consider checking out some of the theme parks in your area- some chain restaurants offer discount coupons to parks such as Six Flags.

5. Try Something New- There is a saying that suggests to do one thing you fear everyday. It can be incredibly simple like trying a new, foreign food or talking to that person you’ve been crushing on for months. You’ll never know  what you are capable of unless you take a step outside your personal boundaries and give it a shot. Even if you don’t succeed, at least you can say that you gave it a shot, and you’ll stand a little taller knowing that you did. You’ll never know unless you try!

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