5 Things We Love About Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has been making us swoon since 2009 when he graced the “American Idol” stage. Although the powerhouse singer did not win the competition, Adam continues to rock the radio with his funky music. We could talk about him for hours, but here are the top five things we love about Adam Lambert:

1. His high-notes. Adam’s claim to fame on “American Idol” was his ability to hit high-notes that most people wish they could hit. Most people attempt to do this and end up sounding like they’re screaming out in pain, but Adam makes it all seem so effortless! We also love the way he sticks his tongue out when he belts out one of these insane notes; it totally reminds us of something Gene Simmons from KISS would do!

2. His style. Nobody can dress like Adam Lambert can! Whether he’s wearing platform boots or a rhinestone-studded suit jacket, Adam always looks fabulous. He isn’t afraid to rock things that are a little feminine, which is awesome! We love watching him strut his stuff on stage in crazy boots or in an all leather outfit. Adam definitely expresses himself through his clothing, and we should all try to do that more often.

3. His honesty. When Adam was a guest mentor on “American Idol” a few seasons ago, he made sure that each contestant received the best piece of advice he could give him or her. He was honest but never mean! Adam clearly knows what he’s talking about; the reality singing competition helped him skyrocket to superstardom! Also, Adam is honest with his fans and the media. After getting into a public altercation with his boyfriend, Adam explained the whole story to his fans so they knew that everything was okay. What a guy!

 4. His make-up. For a man, Adam Lambert has some seriously awesome make-up. We rarely see him without heavy black eyeliner and bronze cheekbones. His debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” features Adam in full glamour make-up on the cover! We love it when he goes over-the-top with eyeshadow and nail polish; it makes him unique.

5. He loves “Pretty Little Liars.” A few months ago, Adam let his Twitter followers know that he was going to guest star on “Pretty Little Liars.” It was later revealed that he would be performing in the Halloween episode airing October 23rd. We think Adam will spice up Halloween in Rosewood, and we can’t wait to see what he’s wearing!

What else do you love about Adam Lambert? Make sure you watch him in the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special! He’s going to rock the liars’ world.

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