5 Things We Love About Blake Lively


Many of us know Blake Lively from her ongoing performance as Serena on Gossip Girl and free-spirit in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.  However, more recently she is celebrating her marriage to Hollywood hunk, Ryan Reynolds (way to go girl!), and as a way of saying congrats, we’ve put together 5 fun facts about the actress.  And we’ll just say now, she is nothing like the catty characters off the Gossip Girl streets.

1. Her love affair with fashion.  Aside from being spotted in all the most trendy garmets, fashion moguls are choosing her as their model.  Karl Lagerfeld hand picked her to be the face of Chanel’s “Mademoiselle” handbag line, and Christian Louboutin is more than happy to see her wearing his shoes.  Lively has made jaws drop at premieres many times sporting Marschesa gowns and minis.  We all are waiting to see what she’ll wear next.

2. She’s down to earth. Blake gets intimidated like all of us, and isn’t afraid to talk about it. “Walking the red carpet is so scary,” Lively admitted.  “So I pretend to be Marilyn Monroe-someone…who projected this incredible aura of self-confidence.”  Now we’ve got some advice when we want to act like we own the runway.

3. She doesn’t take herself to seriously.  Blake loves to cook, and take multiple culinary classes in all parts of the world.  She also has been seen on dates with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling at Disneyland and multiple amusement parks.  She even once had a duck as a pet!

4. Her Hollywood Romance.  We all applaud Blake and Ryan on the way they went about their wedding.  The public was not aware that the couple was even engaged until after the wedding!  Last week, the couple exchanged vows at a cozy ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina, and got tons of much needed privacy.  We are so happy they didn’t make a public spectacle out of the event, and decided to be with close friends and family.

5. She’s a Triple Threat.  Aside from acting, Blake Lively has made waves as a model for high fashion brands and magazines, and she’s even on the way to creating her own fashion line.  She wants to be the sole designer of the brand, and based on her style alone, the line has to be rockin’.   “I have such respect for [fashion] that I don’t just want to hire someone to do a line and put my name on it,” she says.

Aside from congratulating the newlyweds, you can see Blake Lively in the recently released, Savages, and the long running Gossip Girl. For now, it looks like she’s taking a little time off to relax and celebrate her marriage.

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