5 Things We Love About Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has been in our lives ever since “Laguna Beach” premiered in 2004 and we’ve been obsessed with her from day one. Here are five things we absolutely love about this beach blonde beauty:

1. Her amazing style. From the very first episode of “Laguna Beach,” we knew that L.C had a great sense of style. As the years went on and we continued to watch her, this assumption was definitely proven right. We don’t think there has ever been an outfit of hers that we haven’t absolutely adored. If only we could steal everything in her closet… We can dream, right?

2. Her fashion line. So maybe we can’t steal her actual clothes, but thankfully she has an amazing fashion line of her own. Her clothing line LC Lauren Conrad has a unique set of beautiful pieces and if we could, we would buy everything. You can check out the latest items she has for this season here!

3. She never gives up on her dreams. Looking back at little LC and looking at her now, it’s clear that she is extremely driven and dedicated. She set big goals for herself at a relatively young age and she never gave up on them. She has her own fashion line, her own book series and even got to work at Teen Vogue like she always dreamed. This is what makes her such an amazing role model for young women across the world. 

4. She always keeps us updated. Whether she’s tweeting or posting cute pictures on Instagram, she is always updating her fans on her life. If you didn’t already know, Lauren Conrad also has her own website that is updated daily. This is a great place to go for news on all the cool, fun and exciting things that are going on in her life. Not only that, but she also has great tips when it comes to fashion, fitness, beauty and life in general. Plus she allows for her fans and readers to contribute! It’s a great website and we love, love, love it!

5. Through everything, she’s remained extremely humble. With the amount of fame and cool things that have happened over the past few years for this 26-year-old fashionista, you might think it would go to her head. It definitely hasn’t, though. Lauren Conrad has a big heart and always seems so incredibly grateful for everything that has happened in her life. We love this aspect about her and hope it never goes away!

What are some of your favorite things about Lauren Conrad? We’d love to hear some of them!

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