5 Things We Love About Nick Jonas

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been obsessed with Nicholas Jerry Jonas since he was only 13 years old (especially now that he’s 20!), but it’s true. The curly-haired cutie has been making our hearts melt for the past seven years. Here are five things (out of a million) that we love about Nick:

1. His musical talent. There is no denying it, Nick is an extremely talented musician. From the piano to the drums to the guitar to singing–he does it all tremendously. We could seriously listen to his music on repeat forever. Everything he makes, whether it be solo or with his brothers, is so different and unique. We love his sound and how much experimentation he does. We’re all waiting in anticipation to hear his new stuff!

2. His baseball/softball skills. Nick Jonas not only loves to watch baseball, but he also loves playing it! His brothers and him are always playing on different softball teams. He’s really competitive when it comes to his games and we think it’s absolutely adorable. Plus, he looks amazing in the uniforms!

3. He’s involved with charities. Nick and his brothers are always getting involved with different charities. He’s constantly going to events and playing at concerts to raise money for a variety of organization. He was diagnosed with diabetes and has used this as a chance to reach out and help others suffering from the same disease.

4. He’s very close with his family. If you know who Nick is, chances are you know who Joe and Kevin are also. Maybe you even know who Frankie, Denise, Paul Kevin and Denise are too! This is because Nick and his entire family are extremely close. We love the bond and connection they seem to share.

5. His love for theatre. Did you know Nick got his start on Broadway and in theatre? Well, his love for musical theatre hasn’t gone away! In fact he recently has been in quite a few plays! Some of his most popular roles include Marius in Les Miserables and Link Larkin in Hairspray. He made his return to broadway in January as J. Pierrepont Finch in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. He did such an amazing job taking on the role and had the entire audience swooning over his voice, laughing and his jokes and dancing along with him to the numbers. It was exciting to see him on stage doing something other than putting on a concert! No matter what he’s doing, though, it’s obvious that he was born to be on a stage!

Nick Jonas has been making us go weak at the knees for quite some time now and we’re pretty positive it’s going to be that way for a long, long time. You can catch him on “Married To Jonas” 10 p.m. EST on E!

What are some of the things you love about Nick Jonas? Let us know in the comments below!


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