5 Things We Love About Pitch Perfect

In honor of the recently released musical comedy and a nearly all-new cast of fresh talent, we at Sarah Scoop decided it was time to do a “5 Things We Love” on director Jason Moore’s Pitch Perfect. (Moore also directed the Tony Award-winning Broadway comedy sensation, Avenue Q. Go figure.)

1. Anna Kendrick is a brilliant and adorable lead.

First off, if any of you watched the Pitch Perfect trailer a couple months ago and immediately recognized Kendrick as the annoying friend in the Twilight series, you’re not alone. Besides the vampire-human love story, Kendrick has appeared in a few reputable movies, such as Scott Pilgrim Vs.  the World, 50/50, and Up In The Air alongside George Clooney. I mean, appearing in a movie with an A-lister is a big thing, sure — but it was nothing that really put her “on the map,” though. Not like Pitch Perfect does.

Today, the 5’0″ actress is proving that big things do come in tiny packages in her biggest role yet. Playing protagonist, Kendrick is Becca, a reluctant freshman at Barden University. Crushed by her father’s demands for a college career — instead of the DJ-ing career in LA that she longs for — Beca finds comfort in an unlikely place: the then-last resort all-girl accapella group, the Barden Bellas. Kendrick does well as a first time main character; Pitch Perfect taught us media/entertainment news junkies two things — one: she can act and knows how to work the charm on-screen, and two: boy can she belt.

After doing a little research after seeing the film, we discovered that she actually comes from the musical side of superstardom. Kendrick was nominated for a Tony Award for her first acting role in the Broadway musical, High Society in 1998, making her the third-youngest Tony nominee. After seeing her shower rendition of Sia and David Guetta’s Titanium in PP, we weren’t surprised.

The Treblemakers at the Barden University “Riff-Off”.

2.The lead guy has movies and juice pouches.

In showbiz (and especially in musicals), nearly every leading lady needs a hunk o’ burnin’ love! Beca’s love interest turns out to be the Breakfast Club/ juice pouch-loving Jesse, a fellow freshman also bitten by the accapella bug. Only difference (besides the obvious) is that he has his eyes on the Barden Bellas’ all-boy rival team, the Treblemakers. Friction, much? Meow!

Jesse’s character is played by New York native Skylar Astin, who, interestingly enough, also had a Broadway background prior to pursuing an acting career.

3. Synchronized lady singing and man singing.

The entire movie revolves around the longstanding musical feud between the two main accapella teams from Barden University. They battle it out at an annual university-level competition against various teams from other schools, using nothing but their mouths, feet, and hands. Can you say talented?! Um, what could be more amazing than synchronized lady singing and man singing? Maybe lady and man singing, together! That can be seen in the “Riff-Off” scene towards the middle of the movie. One of my favorite parts!

4. Fat Amy, orange vomit, and the Barden Bellas.

This school year, the Bellas are comprised of what may first seem like a band of misfits. This includes (but isn’t limited to) a sex addict, a candy apple red-haired lesbian, a perfectionist who pukes orange stuff at the thought of messing up, and, of course, Fat Amy, played by Australian comedian Rebel Wilson (Bridesmades, Bachelorette). Thanks to her, we are further educated on the topics of mermaid dancing, horizontal running, and surviving burrito bombs. Wilson is downright hilarious.

5. The bumpin’ soundtrack.

The Pitch Perfect soundtrack is dotted with a couple original versions of popular songs here and there, such as Guetta’s Titanium and Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds, but for the most part it consists of brilliant covers of hit singles from today and yesterday’s generations, by the Barden Bellas and Treblemakers. Um, GLEE,who?!

Young or old, Pitch Perfect is a must-see. We had our doubts because of the nearly all-new cast, but give it a go and you won’t be disappointed. Promise. We were laughing from start to finish, and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised as well!

Here’s a link to the trailer, if you haven’t seen it yet!


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