5 Things We Love About Tyler Hoechlin

We can’t get enough of “Teen Wolf” hottie Tyler Hoechlin. The 25-year-old (his birthday is September 11th) has been in the business for years now, so we’re sure that he’s been on your television screen at least once! If you watched “7th Heaven” and remember Martin Brewer, then you remember Tyler Hoechlin! Here are the top five things that we love about him:

1. His laugh. We all know somebody with an infectious laugh, and Tyler is one of those people. Although he plays brooding werewolf Derek Hale on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” Tyler makes our hearts beat faster when he smiles or laughs during an interview. We love to laugh along with him while we watch him in a video. Also, he has the whitest teeth ever!

2. His acting skills. It takes a great actor to be able to play completely different characters all the time. On “7th Heaven,” Tyler played a baseball-loving teenager who tried to survive the struggles of high school. On “Teen Wolf,” Tyler is totally the opposite of Martin. In season one, Derek never smiled and always dealt with everything in such a serious manner. Season two allowed us to see another side of Derek, which was awesome because we got to see him smiling and cracking jokes. Tyler always plays his roles so well that we forget that it’s all just acting.

3. His jawline. Every girl has that one thing that they love on a guy, right? Some girls like eyes, some girls like muscles, but we are obsessed with Tyler Hoechlin’s jaw! The defined bone combined with the sexy scruff that Tyler usually sports equals one very good-looking man. Maybe his jaw is one of the reasons why his smile is so perfect… 

4. His love of baseball. Many actors publicize their support for their favorite sports team, but Tyler Hoechlin takes his love to a different level. He is actually a baseball player! Tyler played ball while he was in school and even gave up a few acting roles to continue playing. We love how dedicated he is to the sport that he loves the most, and we would love to see him out on the field one day!

5. His dedication to his fans. When a celebrity takes time out of their day to send a tweet to a fan or two, that fan feels special for the rest of the day (and probably week). Tyler once spent over an hour replying to fan tweets on Twitter, answering questions that ranged from simple to crazy! It’s so cool that he loves to connect with his fans through social media sites such as Twitter because it makes the fans feel like they’re friends with him. Way to go, Tyler!

Can you think of anything else that you love about Tyler Hoechlin? What other shows or movies have you seen him in? Let us know!

Photos from: tyler-hoechlin.net, tylerhoechlin.org

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    • Hannah
    • September 22, 2012

    Tyler was in the movie Road to Perdition! i love him in that movie! he is awesome! he was a cute little boy!

    • Tiffany Vuong
    • July 16, 2014

    the thing i love most about him? miguel 😀

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