5 Things We Love About Tyler Posey

We’re basically in love with Tyler Posey. The “Teen Wolf” star never fails to make us laugh with his crazy antics, which is just one of the many reasons why we love him. Although this list could go on for days, here are our five favorite things about Tyler Posey:

1. His personality. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tyler or not, you can tell that he is one of the most outgoing people in Hollywood. Tyler loves to spontaneously ride around on his skateboard on set and joke around with his cast mates. No matter if he’s in an interview, accepting an award, or doing a ustream with the rest of the “Teen Wolf” cast, Tyler’s crazy personality always shines through.

2. His love for his fans. Any fan of Tyler’s can agree that he constantly shows his love for his fans whenever he can. You should be following him on Twitter (@tylergposey) because he loves to go on random tweet sprees! The thing we love most about Tyler’s tweeting is that he has conversations with some of fans rather than just sending them one generic tweet. What a guy!

3. How down-to-earth he is. While some celebrities can be considered divas, Tyler Posey considers himself just a normal guy. He loves Blink-182, skateboarding, and hanging out with his family just like any other person. He doesn’t need to date Hollywood’s hottest female celeb; he’s dating an awesome girl that he’s had a crush on since he was young! We think Tyler and his girlfriend, Seana, are super adorable.

4. His love for his family. The Posey family is so supportive of Tyler, and he shows his love back to them! Tyler often hangs out with his brothers, Derek and Jesse, who were seen on “Punk’d” with Tyler earlier in the year. We’ve seen videos of him kissing his mom goodbye before leaving for an award show, which is the cutest thing ever. If you check out his mom’s blog (myshowbizfamily.blogspot.com) you can find a bunch of pictures of Tyler and his awesome family.

5. His uneven jawline. Among “Teen Wolf” fans, Tyler’s uneven jaw is kind of an inside joke. There was even a line about it in an episode of the show! We think that Tyler’s jawline is just part of who he is, and we wouldn’t want to change it for anything. It gives him character, right? It also adds to his overall attractive face!

What’s your favorite thing about Tyler Posey? Let us know if we missed something important!

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  1. Reply

    when he first became werewolf he broke his jaw during translation and it stayed uneven since then

    • Phoebe
    • October 24, 2016

    No he didn’t! He was born with uneven uneven jaw! Strange fans think he’s cute and funny, in reality he’s an immature pot head!!

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