5 Tips to Have a Safe and Fun Autumn


Autumn is already here for most places and it’s a time of warmth, celebration, candies, and more. But autumn can be troublesome and can possibly be dangerous if you’re not careful with yourself and your surroundings. Here’s some tips to have a safe, but also fun season for you, your family, and friends.

1. Keep eye on horrors. As odd as it may sound, Halloween is one of the favorite holidays in autumn and it is more than just trick-or-treat. It got horror movies, haunted houses, and more. And horrors may not be exactly what you like, your kids like, or your neighbor like. Horrors can bring accident, injuries, and possible life-threatening dangers so if you know something is up around your area or any potential not-so-safe activities, do keep yourself and family safe and notify police.

2. Know your medications. Fall is much like spring and the time for allergies. At least for me. Allergies can be pretty annoying and although they may not always be life-threatening, going outdoors with falling leaves and dust can cause sneezes and lead to possible sickness so keeping allergies to a minimal as possible can keep sickness in your house minimal.

3. Stay warm. It may sound easy, but very true. To ensure everyone is healthy and not sick, dressing warm for cooler weather can help avoid pneumonia or any worst developing illness. Dress in layers and you can always shed one off if you do feel hot, but do remember that it’s better to be safe than being stuck in bed with a flu.

4. Check your food.  Like stated previously, Halloween can be a difficult holiday to have fun and stay safe. You never know if the food you receive from Halloween not expired or poisonous. I, unfortunately, had dealt with it before, so always check the date if you can on the candies and if something look weird or smell funny, throw it away.

5. Be spirited. One doesn’t necessary have to be spirited, but spirited in holidays or spirited in mind and greetings create a safer, warmer environment than someone who is always cranky about the holidays. Not everyone like holidays, but being all hating about it create a negative atmosphere. Even if you may not like a certain event, finding something to be happy or positive about it can make anyone’s day.

  1. Hope these 5 tips give you some additional ideas to stay safe and have fun!

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