5 Tips to Keep You Flu Free

by Sarah Ruhlman
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This conversation is sponsored by Sinex available at Walmart. All opinions are my own.

Flu season is officially upon us and I am trying to stay on top of my health this year.   To help you stay happy and healthy I’ve got 5 tips to keep you flu free.

Make sure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned

It is scary to know that bugs from cold and flu can stay on surfaces for up to 48 hours! That means someone might have sneezed in your kitchen with droplets of fluid containing the virus landing on your surfaces. Then when you go in there to make food, you might touch the surface and then end up with the flu virus. After all, the flu is commonly passed on by hand contact. Therefore, it’s so important to ensure you keep on top of cleaning your home at this time of the year. Before you even start cleaning your food, make sure that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. If you don’t have a chance to clean your home, you might want to find a company such as tidy who will keep your home in an excellent condition all year round.

Clean those door handles

As we said above, hand contact is one of the main ways that the flu virus is passed on to other people. It’s so easy for someone to open a door and then any germs with the virus on their hand gets passed to the door handle. Therefore, you need to make sure you are cleaning the door handles after people have been in your home. Make sure you use disinfectant to ensure you rid any flu before you touch the door handle. Make sure you wipe down the fridge and drawer handles too before you start touching them.

Wipe your laptop and computer

A lot of us now use our laptop and computer every day in our home. Whether it’s to complete our work or to check our emails when we get home, people are using them more than ever. However, not a lot of people are cleaning the device after they have used them. It means that dirt and bugs could be hiding in between your keys. Also, if other members of your family have been using it, they could have easily coughed, and bugs might be left behind on the keys. Therefore, you should make sure you are regularly giving it a clean to keep it healthy for you all. You can get mini hoovers and wipes which are specific for using with your keyboard.

Be Prepared with the Right Medicine

Luckily, I found a cold medicine that actually works for me, all day long! Sinex (available at Walmart) is amazing and keeps me feeling my healthiest without getting drowsy.  Cold and Flu symptoms can last as long as a week, so it’s important to stock up on your sickness essentials – like Sinex at Walmart! Sinex products provide long-lasting relief from stuffiness and congestion. And, daytime products provide relief without grogginess!

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Wash your hands after using items

It’s so important that you wash your hands after using items in your home. Just because you don’t think anyone has touched the item, you don’t know what germs may be hiding on the item. Therefore, make sure you wash your hands after use with a good antibacterial soap. Avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands. Germs can get into your system through your nose, mouth, and eyes!

I hope you enjoy these tips and stay flu free this year!  I try and stay healthy during the season by using Sinex along with regular workouts and by drinking a lot of water. I usually dread the winter season, because I feel like I am sick the entire time, this year I can relax and spend time with the family without worrying about feeling ill.

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