5 TV Relationships You Wish You Had

Who does not like imagining or wanting their love life to be like ones in the movies or on TV because I know I do. There are many relationships throughout the years viewers would love to have and here are a few of them:

Seth and Summer from The O.C. sethandsummerSeth is the nice guy and Summer was the bad girl turned good. Summer did not even know who Seth was until he made a scene to get her attention. This relationship, like some on TV, is about the battle between wanting popularity or love.

Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill

haley&nathan Nathan and Haley will forever be one of the favorites because of the emotional roller coaster they take their fans on. Nathan starts off as the bad guy who falls in love with the sweet girl, Haley, and the moment he gives her the bracelet on the pier is the moment viewers fell in love with them.

Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girlchuck&blairThis stylish couple will always have the hearts of their viewers. The roller coaster this couple takes their fans on is unlike any other couple because of the drama they had to deal with on a daily basis. Even though it seemed like it was always on and off with them on screen, the viewers always hoped for the best for them and wanted them together forever!

Derek and Meredith from Grey’s AnatomyderekThis couple has overcome a hospital shooting, a bomb, Derek’s first wife, a drowning, and a plane crash. I would say if this couple does not make it, there is no hope for anyone. Their love story is one of a kind and continues to intrigue their viewers every week.

 Nick and Jess from New Girl nickjesssThis corky couple makes relationships seem fun and light, while also conquering issues of their own. During the first season on this show, I know many people were anxiously waiting for these two people to start dating and when they did, it made the show ten times better!

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