5 Types of Tea You Need

Green Tea

Teas always have rivaled coffees in many cultures. But tea had proven to be more beneficial and healthier for your body and help ease your mind. Here are five types of tea that are great for you.

Chamomile Tea. It’s probably a familiar tea and if you’re insomniac or need some sleep helper, chamomile tea is the answer. A tea made from flowers, it can help induce sleep and avoid restless nights. Chamomile tea also has other benefits such as dealing with stomach problems, skin conditions, and anxiety.

Peppermint  Tea. If you love peppermint, this tea shouldn’t be any different. Peppermint tea is most known for a remedy to nausea or vomiting. It also have other benefits such as reducing fever, stress reliever, and weight loss.

Green Tea. One of the most common tea, green tea is just as beneficial and healthy as they are said to be. They have been known to lower the risk of diabetes, repair brain cells which prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and reduce risk of cancer.

White Tea. Another colored tea? You got it. White tea is similar to green tea but contain more anti-oxidant than green tea. It has the same effects as green tea, but more tastier – it’s lighter, sweeter, and not so grassy.

Rosehip Tea. A tea rich in vitamin C, it’s helpful for keeping a strong immune system, reduce risk of cancer and arthritis, cholesterol levels, and help with breathing. Plus, not to mention it’s sweet and delicious.

Now you know some tea that can help you. Trying to reduce risks of cancer? Check. Need help with sleep? Check. Something to take when you’re feeling queasy? Check. Tea got your back, and hey, not all of them are bitter or as bad as you think!

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