5 Unique Charities to Donate to This Holiday Season


While the holidays might be all about getting gifts for friends and family, there’s more to it than that! The season of giving really should be just that: the season of giving to those in need. While it might seem like you don’t have a few dollars to spare to give to charity, you most likely do have some change to spare. So instead of buying that impulse $5 coffee drink, think about giving a little bit of money this season to charities that need it. And while there are some great charities out there that we all know about come the holiday season, there are other charities that really need help too! Check out these five charities that you might not have thought of this holiday season!

Heifer International

This is a charity that is near and dear to my heart! It’s been a charity that I have donated to and volunteered for every year since I was twelve years old. Heifer wants to end world hunger and poverty. You can help this by looking through their gift catalog! You can “purchase” an animal to donate to someone, somewhere in the world in need. These animals can be used to help families start businesses and provide for themselves. Plus, these people “pass on the gift” by sharing what they learned from receiving an animal. This means that your small donation will help more than just one family! It’s a great one to donate to this holiday season!

A Local Food Bank

Around this time of year, expectations for a holiday dinner are extremely high! For families who don’t have the means to provide this, it can be really tough. Find a local food bank in your city to donate to because while it might seem like no one near you needs it, there’s always someone who does. Food banks also don’t just accept food. These families also need essentials such as feminine hygiene products, soap, and toilet paper. Could you imagine living without these household essentials? It would be so difficult! So instead of splurging on someone you don’t need at the grocery store, purchase some goods to give to your local food bank instead!

Cancer Research Institute 

Cancer is taking away too many lives. The fact that most people can say they know someone who has been affected by cancer shows how much a cure for cancer needs to be found and found soon. A lot of the time during the holiday season, we tend to forget about these other charities that still need help. Don’t forget about anything! I know that I can get distracted by the lights and the tinsel just as much as the next person, but there are charities and causes that should never be forgotten about! The Cancer Research Institute is the number one cancer nonprofit to donate money to. This season, donate money to them and let them know you are with them in the fight against cancer!

Your Local Animal Shelter or Rescue

I am personally allergic to dogs and cats, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a dog. Unfortunately, that meant that I might not be able to adopt. That’s why my significant other and I both chose to donate money this year! We wanted to help in some way, even if we couldn’t adopt. We researched and found the animal rescue that we would have adopted from if we could have and donated money to them. This small amount of money will help dogs who are lonely, sad, and looking for a forever home. Any puppy or kitty lover should find it easy to donate to saving animal lives because it’s easy to want to as soon as you see a cute animal! (At least, that’s how it works for me.) Find the animal shelter or rescue that speaks to you and donate this holiday season!

First Book 

This is a nonprofit that provides books and learning materials to kids who want them and are in need of them. One of my favorite things to get during the holidays is a book store gift card or even better, a book! That being said, there are so many kids out there who don’t have access to books or even materials that they need for school. Reading and education are two very important parts of life, but there are kids out there who don’t have that type of access to these materials! First Book has given over one hundred and fifty million books to kids in need around the country. And yet, that’s still not enough. Do your part and help give books to kids this holiday season!

The holidays are supposed to be all about giving. Find your charity and do your part! Remember that there are so many people in need out there that could use your help!

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