5 Unique Ideas for Your Attic Space

For most of us, our attics are unloved rooms. They sit at the top of our houses, collecting dust and not doing an awful lot. But they aren’t a lost cause. There’s plenty of ways we can revamp them and make them feel a part of our homes again. Here’s how:


Transform It Into A Second Living Room

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know how much they love to have their own living space. (And how you do too). So why not transform the attic into a kind of second living room? You could put down some laminate flooring, throw in a couple of chairs and install a TV. Why not add some mood lighting, for good measure?

Make It Into A Recreational Room

Over the years you’ve probably accumulated all sorts of toys that the kids no longer use, usually because there isn’t space. Right now, they’re sitting in your attic unused and unloved. Here’s an idea. Call in the attic cleaning services to remove all the junk you don’t need and get the space ready. And then make the attic room a sort of kids and grown-ups play area. Then move in some of the fun games you’ve forgotten about, like darts and table football. If you’ve got the space, you could even set up a pool table.

Turn In Into A Wardrobe

Us women never have enough space for all our clothes. So what could be a better use for our attics than using them as a giant, walk-in wardrobe? Think about it. First off, all your clothes will be well out of the way. That way you don’t risk encroaching on your partner’s drawers and cupboard space. But also, there’s plenty of space to hide all the shoes you shouldn’t have bought. The attic is the perfect place to hide your shopping habit while keeping the whole family happy.


Make It Mom’s Personal Retreat

We all know where daddy goes to spend his time: the shed. But where does mommy go? At the moment, society doesn’t have an answer to that question. But a bit of creative thinking about your attic space might just provide the answer. One cool thing you could do with your attic space is transform it into an area that’s just perfect for mom. Mom wants somewhere she can relax, read and even do a spot of exercise, without being disturbed.

Create A New Home Office

More and more of us are working from home these days. And as a result, we have to juggle our work life around all the stuff we need to make our homes function. Often, it ends in disaster. What would be better would be a space in our homes that was truly out of the way. Perhaps an attic space, with all the stuff we need for a home office. Hey, that sounds like an idea!

An attic is a perfect space to segment your home and work life. When five p.m. comes around, you simply descend the stairs and settle back into domestic bliss.


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