5 Ways to Create Balance With Fashion and Function In Your Home

by Sarah Ruhlman
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When it comes to your home, what is your priority? Is it to have a place that your family feels safe, or somewhere that you can relax and unwind? Do you want it to feel more like a home than for it to look sleek, expensive and showy? Either want, no matter what your main goal for your home is, you may find that you’re happier with the finished product when you get the balance between a practical home and one that looks nice right. But to do that, you need to focus on the function that will get you through each day, and not just the finishing fashion.


So first of all, one of the most important parts of having a functional home is the ease of it. When you’ve pulled together a fantastic design, it’s not always that easy to maintain. For this reason, it’s important to make your main design ideas easy. You want to be able to clean up after your kids and ensure that your home helps with that – think wipeable floors and furniture, unfussy fabrics and easy to wash furnishings too.


Next, you should also prioritize security. Although the idea of having sweet looking home fitting and fixtures can be nice, they have to be up to the job too. So you need to choose things that are safe first. You may also want to think about the right secure locks for your entrances and also the best home security camera options that will keep your property safe. Then, you know that your fittings and fixtures are up to the job and that your home and family are protected.


Then, there’s also the benefit of efficiency when you put function first. Although choosing nice looking things for your home can be a great idea, and you may be happy with how it looks, you may find it makes your daily life harder. But when you’re practical, and you make choices based on organization and getting things done, you will find that putting function first is always the best idea. And sometimes, you can get furniture and furnishing options that mean you don’t have to compromise on fashion, as long as you put practicality first.


Then, there’s comfort to think about too. Now, this definitely can involve the overall look of your home, but it should focus on the feel of it first. If you want to make your home feel cozy, you want to focus on it feeling living in and accommodating, not so much like a show home. You should aim to feel like you can kick back and relax so that you’re comfortable, not like you have to watch where you walk or sit.


Finally, there’s also the idea of safety to think about too. Because not only do you want your home to look and feel right, you want to make sure that it is child-friendly too. You don’t want dangerous corners or accident prone accessories dotted all around your home. So, when you want your home to be functional, you should always aim to put safety first.

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