5 Ways To Make Your Walls Unique

Decorating a room is never an easy task. To start, most people don’t have much experience in this area, making it hard to rely on skills you already have. Along with this, as time moves on, the different options you have for your rooms broadens massively. In all of this turmoil and chaos, it’s easy to forget one of the most important parts of a room; the walls. The large areas surrounding you when you’re indoors can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a space. Nowadays, you have more options than ever when it comes to decorating your walls, and a lot of them can be DIY’d.


For hundreds of years, stone was one of the most widely used building materials in the world. Despite being difficult to work with, this material was favored for its strength and versatility. Today, modern techniques are used which remove the need for something as strong as stone. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your home. Having a wall with an exposed stone face will give any room a good dose of rustic charm. This sort of look can be achieved easily, using simple stick-on options which are made from reclaimed bricks or cut from stones and some adhesive to stick them on. Alternatively, you could try to find some flat stones of your own to make your own exposed stone effect.


Of course, some people won’t like the way a stone wall makes their room feel. Or, this sort of style might not fit with the rest of your decor. In this case, another great wall decoration option can be found in wood, as this is another material which used to be exposed in a lot of homes. A reclaimed wood wall can be assembled completely from pre-made pieces of wood which already have glue attached. Following a simple guide, your beautiful new wall can be finished in a matter of hours. Using reclaimed wood like this is a great way to recycle, as you don’t need the wood to be strong, just clean and looking good.


In addition to your wood or stone walls, or as just on its own, adding life to a room through plants is a great way to give it some character. Adding plants to your wall is best achieved by using a special wall planter. Depending on the size of your wall, you have loads of options in different shapes and dimensions to help you find something which fits. With you planter on the wall, it will just be a matter of filling it with some lovely plants. Some of these planters will have irrigation systems built-in. But, if you get something a little more basic, you may have to perform some routine gardening on your wall.

A Clever Paint Job

Paint is probably the most common wall decoration out there, at the moment. Being much easier to apply than wallpaper, as well as looking good in an array of styles, this sort of material is perfect for most walls. Of course, though, this post isn’t about following the norms. Instead, you should be looking to do something unique with your paint job. Using a mix of cleverly designed plans, masking tape, and time, it’s surprisingly easy to create a painted mural on your wall. Be it a simple gradient or a full-blown piece of art, this part of your room will always be special to you, as you will have designed and painted it yourself. Using websites like Instagram for inspiration, you have loads of options in this area.

Accent Pieces

Like any part of the home, your walls can almost always benefit from a couple of accent features. In most cases, you will use things like this on walls which don’t have a feature already. For example, it would be smart to place a clock opposite your wood or brick walls, instead of having everything in the same place. Along with clocks, you also have picture frames, mirrors, and loads of other options to fill this sort of space. When choosing things like this, always consider the other color options you have in your room. Choosing the right accents will make a huge positive impact on your spaces, but you might have to test a couple of options before you settle on one.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done if you want to start making the walls inside your home just a little bit more interesting. A lot of people ignore this part of their home, going for a simple lick of paint. Of course, this won’t look bad. But, it won’t turn any heads or get attention, either.

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